How a Scan & Go Implementation Increases Revenue

Customer satisfaction is one of the highest goals of any retailer. However, on the same level is the economic goal of increasing store efficiency and improving sales. Good Scan & Go software can achieve all these goals for the retailer.

The Advantages Of Scan & Go

  • Improving customer satisfaction by accelerating the shopping process and shortening waiting times
  • Increasing shopping cart value through personalized and individualized recommendations based on real-time data analysis
  • Improvement of customer loyalty
  • Support of cross- and upselling opportunities

Influences On Revenue

Working with various retailers, Snabble has seen an increase in average basket value of up to 25%. The reasons for this vary.

It is common knowledge that customer satisfaction and increased sales are interrelated. A seamless customer journey by speeding up the shopping process and shortening waiting times has a direct impact on customer satisfaction and thus on sales potential.

Self-checkout systems such as Scan & Go allow customers to get to know and understand their buying behavior better. This data can be used to make individual and personalized product recommendations to customers. Targeted discounts can also encourage customers to make additional purchases. This also has a positive effect on sales.

The services provided by implementing Scan & Go improve customer loyalty and retention. High customer satisfaction as well as individual offers and discounts increase the return rate. Snabble notes a return rate of up to 90% in its work with various retailers.

Lastly, a Scan & Go app offers opportunities for cross-selling and upselling. In the age of omni-channel concepts, retailers can market additional channels through such platforms.


Scan & Go can contribute both directly and indirectly to the sales of brick-and-mortar retailers. Meanwhile, retailers benefit from increased customer loyalty and retention. Snabble also provides extensive real-time analytics tools.

The increased revenue through Scan & Go is based on the usage rate plus higher shopping carts plus the effort store clerks put in sales instead of the checkout process.

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