Snabble GmbH Founded

As a product development team at tarent, we have been working on self-scanning projects for the last two years. In summer 2017 we began planning to separate these activities into a spin-off company. By October we had formed a team of 6 people and started bootstrapping a startup. After five months of product building and company preparation, we finally founded snabble GmbH in March 2018.

Operating as an independent company gives us the opportunity to put massive focus on the product, to be lean and to grow individually. Of course, tarent will continue to be with us as an investor, mentor and great integration partner! And yes, the moment is right — we already get lots of feedback from all the big retailers, that they are going to introduce mobile self-scanning in their stores.

So, what’s next?

Right now we are busy to finalize our new Software Development Kit (for Android and iOS) and to push our platform to the next level. In parallel we move the existing customer-projects to our new solution. Soon after that we will integrate a payment provider and launch the first stores in Germany with full mobile self-scanning and online-payment. We already have a bunch of customers in the pipeline, and we plan to have more than 50 stores up and running by the end of this year.

It’s time to skip the queue!

About The Author

Patrick Queisler is a product and marketing manager at snabble. He has worked as a designer and UX specialist for agencies and international corporations as well as small startups.
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