Snabble Checkout Supervisor

The Snabble Checkout Supervisor allows you and your staff to have a complete overview of all customers in the store who are currently shopping with Snabble. You can look into the carts live and also see immediately if customers need to be manually checked by an employee.


Live monitoring

With live monitoring, staff can see not only how many customers are in the store, but also what they have in their shopping baskets. They can see if there are any items in the basket that need to be checked - or those that require age verification.


Control indication

Based on a combination of products in the basket and configurable variables such as basket total and a random check rate, our Snabble Cloud can determine if a customer should be checked.


Controlling customers

If a customer needs to be checked, push notifications alert staff to check the customer or approve the purchase immediately. To ensure a good customer experience, it is essential that staff are trained accordingly.



A random check requires staff to scan three to five random items from the customer's basket before approving the purchase. If they come across an item that the customer has not scanned, they can reject the purchase. A manual re-scan is also available at any time, allowing staff to scan as many items as they wish.