Skip the queue, pay with snabble.

Our mission at snabble is to bring the convenient experience of online-shopping to retail stores. Just open snabble on your smartphone, scan your items and pay right inside the app.

Shop without interruption, save time and effort by skipping the queue.

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snabble: Shopping without waiting



Scan your items with the snabble app before putting them into your cart. Simply click scan in the app, hold the product's barcode in front of the camera and add the product to the digital shopping cart. Super simple and convenient.



Choose your preferred payment method and pay right inside the app. We support all major payment methods. Even cash. There’s no need to put items on the belt or wait in queue.



Wait for verification and leave the store. It’s really that simple. Enjoy shopping at your own pace without any unwanted interaction or delay.

The snabble adventure.

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snabble App on iPhone X