The App For Shopping Without Checkout Lines

With snabble you scan your purchase yourself, pay online and just walk out. Without waiting in line and without putting your items on the belt.

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snabble, the app for shopping without checkout lines

Scan, Pay, Done – With Snabble

You watch videos at YouTube, listen to music with Spotify and go shopping with snabble. Join the movement, not the queue.


The snabble app for shopping without checkout lines

Enter A Store And Start Scanning

You can start right away, there's no login and no registration! Scan your items with the snabble app, before you put them in your shopping cart. Open the app, tap on the scanner and hold the barcode of an item in front of the camera. Then add the item to your digital cart.

Our goal is to offer you a brand new shopping experience. That's why with walked the extra mile to make the app as easy to use as possible. We even thought of the little things, like always showing you the total of your cart. Super simple, super convenient.

Pay Right In The App

Pay by direct debit, credit card or PayPal directly online in the app – if the retailer already supports this. Otherwise you can pay at regular checkstands, express checkstands or self checkout terminals without scanning your items again or putting them on the belt.

Your credentials for direct debit are never saved on our servers, but stored securely inside your smartphone. Including all biometric features your smartphone supports.

Pay online with the snabble app
The snabble app approving your purchase

Just Walk Out

In most cases your payment is instantly processed and you can just walk out. When buying certain items, or being randomly checked, it may happen that an employee needs to approve your purchase. You already know that procedure from self checkout terminals.

Download the app now and experience how relaxed and comfortable shopping can be.

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