Scan & Go with snabble

Scan and pay your purchase yourself, with snabble. Without waiting in line, without putting items on the belt.

The future of shopping, today: Visit a participating store, hold barcodes of products in front of the camera, control your cart and pay securely. All without waiting in a checkout line or putting your items on the belt.

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snabble App on iPhone X

Retail shopping without waiting in line

snabble App with self-scanning on Samsung Galaxy S9

Just visit a store and start scanning items

Scan your items with the snabble app before putting them into your cart. Simply click scan in the app, hold the product's barcode in front of the camera and add the product to the digital shopping cart. Super simple and convenient.

I am proud to offer our customers a great new way of shopping that is fast and convenient. It complements our already existing innovative store concept.

Falk Paschmann, CEO, EDEKA Paschmann Edeka

Pay with the snabble app

Choose your preferred payment method and pay right inside the app. We support all major payment methods. Even cash. There’s no need to put items on the belt or wait in queue.

As a medium-sized family business we need to stand out from larger retail chains by offering better service. What snabble offers is entirely new to german retail.

Hasan Cürük, CIO, Carl Knauber Holding Knauber Freizeitmarkt
snabble App with self-checkout on Google Pixel 2
Satisfied customer leaving the store

Leave the store

Wait for verification and leave the store. It’s really that simple. Enjoy shopping at your own pace without any unwanted interaction or delay.

The key to customer satisfaction is to be customer-centric. But all retail suppliers trying to add mobile self-scanning to their portfolio start with their existing hard- and software. That's where snabble is totally different.

Kai Ebenrett, CBDO, tarent AG tarent

The digital transformation of retail, with snabble

While Amazon Go invented new technology only available to itself, snabble transforms the retail industry by using technology that’s available to every retailer, brought in by its customers: their smartphones. Compared to other self-scanning solutions like Re-Vision or MishiPay, snabble offers clear advantages: Instead of using expensive cash systems and physical barcode scanners, snabble implements all interaction in the smartphone app.

This saves money for retailers and time for customers, who can finally shop at their own pace without any unwanted interaction or delay. While checkstands and terminals are going to stay for at least a while, snabble offers an easy way to modernize retail businesses, make place for more products in store and using employees for helping customers on the floor - all while learning more about its customers.