The core of your new POS

The Snabble POS Platform

Expanding the POS system can be complex and challenging - the Snabble POS platform, on the other hand, offers you maximum flexibility and can map all the functions relevant to your POS.

Cloudbased pos system

The most innovative POS system on the market

Whether self-checkout, modern primary and secondary checkout systems, app services or fallback POS - with the cloud-based POS system, you have a powerful centerpiece for your POS solutions.

Flexible Integration

IT teams and project managers benefit from flexible integration options. The microservice architecture makes it possible to adapt POS platform functions to your requirements without increasing the complexity of the systems.

Highly Scalable

The cloud-based POS platform is designed for high transaction volumes. Additional capacity can be activated at any time if required.

Simplified Processes

The POS platform helps you to keep highly complex processes lean. It maps all processes that are relevant for your point of sale - and thanks to the POS platform's microservice architecture, all relevant functions can be individually adapted.

Versatile, Customizable & Swiftly Implemented

The Snabble POS platform can be seamlessly integrated into your ERP & POS systems - e.g. with SAP OPPS. Of course, all returned data is automatically fed back to your ERP system, as well as financial accounting - e.g. SAP CAR or POSLog.

One Software for all Solutions

Once integrated - whether as a primary POS system, interface to payment service providers or secondary checkout system - you can use all of Snabble's POS solutions and associated services, such as individualized promotions.

Innovative strength and tailor-made solutions

Snabble POS and self-checkout solutions are developed in cooperation with retailers. This results in customized and innovative technologies for the retail trade.

Fast Go-live

Get the most out of your POS - once connected to the POS platform, additional products can go live in no time at all.

Pos System use cases

POS Innovation

for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

With all Relevant Features

Use Snabble as a POS system and combine all the functions relevant to your POS in one place - you can find out more about product-specific functions on the relevant pages.

Dynamic Price Calculation

Store-specific promotions and prices or even dynamic prices are made possible by the intraday supply through Delta updates.

Receipt Generation

Receipts can be created with the POS platform and either output as a QR code or printed out by a receipt printer.

Data Supply

The POS platform forwards data to the relevant systems via respective interfaces.


Data is transferred from the acquirer to the issuer, which ultimately enables transactions to be carried out.




Use this function to keep track of goods issued, sales and taxes.


By connecting to the cloud TSE of Deutsche Fiskal or EFsTA, transactions can be reported regardless of location and in compliance with the rules.

POS System Features
POS System kundenorienterit

And Award-Winning Customer Experience

End users experience a multi-award-winning customer experience with Snabble. You can also take advantage of loyalty programs and other opportunities for customer loyalty and targeted sales promotion in your stores.

Loyalty Cards

Use loyalty cards to increase customer brand loyalty towards your company.


Couponing enables you to use targeted measures to promote sales and increase your turnover.


Store-specific promotions and prices allow you to strengthen your locations and incentivize purchases.

POS Solutions

Snabble POS solutions impress with their reliability, efficiency and flexibility. Benefit from innovative POS solutions and product-specific functions of the Snabble POS platform.

MobilePOS Webseite-1


The mobilePOS solution is wherever your employees are. Use the mobile POS system to resolve long queues, seamlessly link the checkout process to customer service and accept payments via tab-on-mobile and pin-on-glass.

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