The core of your new POS

The Snabble POS Platform

Reliable, highly scalable, smooth integration and, thanks to the microservice cloud architecture, just as flexible and powerful as you would expect from modern checkout solutions.

Whether self-checkout, modern primary and secondary checkout systems, app services or fallback POS - with the cloud-based POS system, you have a powerful centerpiece for your POS solutions.


One Software for all Solutions

With the Snabble POS platform, you can easily use any Snabble product in your stores and launch new checkout solutions.


More Flexibility

Discover unimagined application possibilities - with the Snabble POS platform you gain maximum flexibility and can react to different scenarios within seconds.


Fast Go-Live

Get the most out of your POS - once connected to the POS platform, additional products can go live in no time at all.

POS Innovation

for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

Your Benefits


Highly Scalable

The cloud-based POS platform is designed for high transaction volumes. Additional capacity can be activated at any time if required.


Flexibel through Microservices

The microservice architecture makes it possible to adapt POS platform functions to your requirements without increasing the complexity of the systems.


Simplified Processes

The POS platform helps you to keep highly complex processes lean. It maps all processes that are relevant for your point of sale.

POS Solutions

Snabble POS solutions impress with their reliability, efficiency and flexibility. Benefit from innovative POS solutions and product-specific functions of the Snabble POS platform.

Seamless Integration

Retailer Anbindung-1

Retailer Integration

The Snabble POS platform can be seamlessly integrated into your ERP & POS systems - e.g. with SAP OPPS. Of course, all returned data is automatically fed back to your ERP system, as well as financial accounting - e.g. SAP CAR or POSLog. The Snabble POS platform has numerous services, e.g:

– Online price calculation

– Integrated loyalty cards

– Couponing, promotions & recommendations

– Billing

– Transaction clearing and more.

Angebundene Services-2

Integrated Services

As a fully featured POS system, the Snabble POS platform already offers integrations with many 3rd party providers. Of course, additional services can be connected at any time, whereby the following are already supported:

– Fiserv

– datatrans

– PayOne

– twint

– tobaccoland

– Deutsche Fiskal & Efsta

– Rubean

Grocery stores, duty-free retailers, DIY centers and more

Snabble Use Cases

Aldi Store

Snabble App

Find out how ALDI SUISSE uses Scan & Go in over 20 stores to support employees and inspire customers with a personalized and accelerated shopping flow.

Teo Store

24/7 Shopping

With Snabble as a partner, tegut... teo has opted for fully automated, small-format stores. Thanks to SCOs, Scan & Go, store access management and other parts of the Snabble POS platform, shopping is possible 24/7 - without the need for staff.

DIY Baumarkt

Self Checkout

This is how Leinweber Baucentrum successfully uses self-checkout technology in the DIY segment - whether it's a traditional DIY store or a 24/7 DIY store. Learn more about the range of application scenarios that can be covered with SCOs and Scan & Go.


Anti-theft Prevention

How can retailers effectively combat theft and shrinkage while providing customers with a seamless shopping experience? Click on this slide to find out.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-10-25 um 15.01.12


The international duty-free retailer Gebr. Heinemann is a pioneer in showing how mobile checkout systems can be used to make more efficient use of store space, reduce staff workload and at the same time achieve a higher quality of service.

Notfallkasse Use Case

Fallback POS

Whether cyber attacks or technical faults - a failure of the POS system can lead to a loss of sales of up to 100 percent and also damage your reputation. Find out how you can protect yourself against these risks.

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