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Offer your customers a seamless, personalized and efficient shopping experience and benefit from higher shopping baskets, reduced operating costs and increased customer satisfaction with Snabble Scan & Go.

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Scan & Go by Snabble

Seamless Shopping Experience

Scan & Go is one of the standards of the innovative and personalized checkout experience. The key to success with Scan & Go lies in the user-friendliness of the software and its seamless integration into your customer journey.


Higher Shopping Baskets


Increased Customer Satisfaction


User Retention

Self Scanning

Application Scenarios

Simply integrate Snabble Scan & Go into your existing customer app via SDK. Alternatively, you can use Snabble's multi-retailer app to make the innovative Scan & Go technology available to your customers. Don't have a customer app yet, but want an independent app in your corporate design? Then use Snabble's modular app.


Benefit from the advantages of your own app with Snabble's modular solution.


Simply integrate Snabble Scan & Go into your existing customer app via SDK.

Snabble App

Benefit from the advantages of an app-based Scan & Go solution without having to realize the costs of developing and maintaining your own customer app.


Provide your customers with handheld scanners so that they can also use Scan & Go without installing an app on their phone.

Scan & Go  SDK und SnabbleApp

For greater Business Success

Scan&Go not only enhances your customers' shopping experience, but also increases your business success in the long term thanks to higher shopping baskets, faster throughput and important insights into your customers' purchasing behavior.

Highly Scalable

As a cloud-based solution, it is particularly easy to connect new branches and countries. This makes digital innovation tangible and scalable.

Higher Shopping Cart Value

A higher average shopping cart value is confirmed by cross-segment retailers who have been offering Scan & Go with Snabble for a longer period of time.

Accelerated Throughput

Scan & Go speeds up your customers' shopping process, reduces your employees' workload and achieves a higher throughput per checkout.

Real-time Customer Data

Concise analyses of the purchasing behaviour of Scan & Go users in the Snabble Retailer Portal can be used to identify where promotions and communication measures are particularly promising and can be optimized.


With Snabble, you have a partner at your side who can map the entire self-scanning landscape and adapt it to your requirements - regardless of the industry.

And higher Usage Rates

Customers benefit from a faster shopping experience, ease of use and a user-oriented design - all so that as many customers as possible contribute to the success of your company.

Reduced Queuing

Customers no longer have to queue at the checkout, employees can pursue higher-value activities in the store and are relieved.

Easy Adaption

Scan, Pay, Go - benefit from the customer-centric design of Snabble Scan & Go solutions by achieving higher usage rates.

User-centered Design

With short loading times, intuitive operation and other functions, such as checkout integration, Snabble Scan & Go fits seamlessly into the customer journey, while the app is equally simple and straightforward to use.

Scan – Pay – Go

Scan & Go Shopping Flow

The store is entered and items can be added directly to the shopping cart using the Scan & Go app or a handheld scanner. Discounted items are automatically recognized and prices are adjusted accordingly. If you use the Snabble app, the chameleon effect is activated and the app adopts your corporate design.

Purchases can be paid for either directly in the app using the payment method provided or via a QR code at the self-checkout kiosk or the normal checkout.

Once the transaction has been successfully completed, the customer sees a success screen in the app. If necessary, a QR code is generated, which is checked by the Snabble gatekeeper or an exit gate. The customer can then leave the store.

Self Scanning with Snabble


Scan & Pay

Scan&Go from Snabble impresses with a fast scanning engine that works perfectly even in difficult lighting conditions, as well as fast payment and integration into your customers' shopping flow.

Fast Scanner

The scan engine of the Snabble Scan & Go software captures items particularly quickly and reliably, even in difficult lighting conditions. Reactive feedback in the Scan & Go app gives your customers confidence during self-scanning.

Mobile Payment

Payments can be made directly on the smartphone in the Scan & Go app, further speeding up the checkout process. Snabble works with a wide range of payment service providers and supports all common payment methods.

Checkout Integration

With Snabble, Scan & Go fits seamlessly into your customers' usual customer journey. The conventional checkout can be easily integrated so that purchases can be transferred and paid for either at the SCO or the conventional checkout using a QR code.

Offline Functionality

Even without an internet connection, your customers can scan items and add them to their digital shopping cart. An internet connection is only required for payment processing.

Digital Receipt

After successful payment, a digital receipt is automatically issued in the Scan & Go app. This saves resources and customers can shop more sustainably.

Scan & Go Whitelable und SDK und SabbleApp
Kundenkarten und Coupons

Customer Loyalty & Promotions

Use loyalty programs, coupons, promotions and recommendations to control targeted sales-promoting measures.


Use recommendations to offer your customers a higher degree of personalization when shopping. At the same time, increase your sales with targeted cross-selling and upselling measures.

Couponing & Promotions

Vouchers and current offers can be viewed and activated directly in your Scan & Go app. You can also use banners in the app to boost your current promotions.

Location based Marketing

Scan & Go with Snabble naturally supports store-specific coupons and promotions to help you strengthen your various locations.

Loyalty Programs

Customers can collect loyalty points with their integrated customer card and redeem them while shopping. You will benefit from increased customer loyalty and valuable data on your customers' shopping behavior.

Controlling & Optimization

Use the Snabble Checkout Supervisor, as well as the Snabble Retailer Portal, to take preventive action against theft and shrinkage and to gain customer data.


Opt for a mobile app and gain valuable insights into your customers' purchasing behavior. Use the data obtained to optimize your store layout, increase the effectiveness of your promotions and optimize your dynamic pricing.

Age Verification

The Snabble Checkout Supervisor automatically recognizes products that require age verification. Customers can carry out a one-time age verification in the Scan & Go app and make their own purchases. Alternatively, either your employees are notified and called to approve the shopping cart or the age is confirmed by Girocard.

Loss Prevention

Protect yourself against shrinkage and inventory discrepancies. Based on a combination of different variables, such as the amount of the shopping basket, a random quota for random checks or for items that are particularly worth checking, your employees are prompted to re-scan manually via push notification before they can confirm the purchase.

Scan and Go Supervisor Flow
Loss Prevention and Data Analysis

Manage and Control

Get advice on your possibilities

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