"We enable the fastest and most convenient shopping experience for customers, allowing retailers to build a stronger and more sustainable relationship and to better engage with their customers."

This is us

In 2018 we started with six people. Now we are about 30 employees - mostly very experienced developers who have written a lot of software and implemented many projects in their lives. Of course, we have also gained a lot of younger colleagues in the meantime and are happy to have a very good mix in the team.

Team Snabble at an Event

Organisation and processes

As a modern software company, we naturally work in an agile way, in several leanly organised teams. Technical and functional responsibility, as well as work organisation, lies with the individual teams, together with the product owners.

Our processes change with our tasks and, of course, with our growth. That's why it's important for us to have a high level of transparency in the company. Every two weeks we have an all-hands meeting where everyone can share information and ask questions. We also use the Open Space format, where colleagues can bring up any topic for discussion.

Team Snabble working on new Ideas

Building products

Product development is fundamentally different from project work. For most of our solutions, there are no best practices to learn from. In addition to a good sense of the market, customer surveys and a reliable gut feeling, you need good communication within the team.

It is also important for us to remain agile in our minds. Nothing is set in stone, and some features may need to be reworked after a while. Only by working together can we make our products fit the market and our users. This starts in sales with the first B2B contacts and ends with the product launch in B2C.


Social responsibility

We are proud of the fact that we have never had the working conditions expected of start-ups. Of course, high motivation is important to us - but we can only achieve that if we are happy and comfortable. Many of us have children or other commitments - and even if we don't, it's perfectly fine to switch off and play a video game in the evening. Your life is yours, not your employer's. But most of us still have to work. Wouldn't it be nice if we could have a bit of fun together and develop something meaningful in the process?