The pocket-sized cash register

Snabble mobilePOS

With the Snabble mobilePOS, the boundaries between store floor and checkout disappear - your POS is wherever you are.

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Increased Flexibility

Mobile Point of Sale

Traditional checkout processes and monotonous checkout procedures pose a challenge to customer and employee satisfaction. They stand in the way of improved service quality and are not efficient enough to achieve higher added value. Low flexibility is an additional bottleneck that urgently needs to be reconsidered and improved.


Fewer in-store mispurchases


Higher customer satisfaction


Flexibility and mobility

One software

Versatile Possibilities

The mobile POS system offers customers everywhere the opportunity to make payments quickly, securely and conveniently - especially as part of the consulting process - and also opens up numerous advantages for merchants beyond this.

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Mobile Cash Register

Offer your customers a payment option anywhere and anytime without long queues. Snabble mobilePOS can be operated completely independently, without relying on additional devices. Of course, Snabble as a POS system has a legally compliant fiscalization with connections to the cloud TSE of Deutsche Fiskal as well as EFSTA.

Kontaktlose Zahlung

Everyday Assistant

The mobilePOS offers a wide range of applications in day-to-day business, such as using it to break up long queues (queue busting), or to increase the quality of advice for high-priced or selective assortments. If you already have mobile devices, e.g. from Zebra or Elo, with an NFC chip in use, you can also use them as a mobile POS system.

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Snabble mobilePOS

Your Advantages

The pocket-sized cash register can be used flexibly and offers a wide range of applications.

The new way of Advising Customers

The mobilePOS offers a new way of advising customers - the checkout process seamlessly follows the sales conversation, without the additional trip to the checkout. Reap the benefits of increased employee motivation and productivity by eliminating inefficient and monotonous checkout tasks. Make the most of your store space by blurring product presentation and checkout.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction and service levels in your business by offering customers a mobile and flexible payment option that seamlessly integrates customer service and checkout, while reducing the risk of purchase errors.

Accept all Contactless Payments

Payments can be made quickly and conveniently via Tap-on-Mobile with Pin-on-Glass. Here, the NFC chip of the device takes over the function of the classic terminal. Depending on the device and configuration, receipts can be easily created digitally and printed directly on the device or via WLAN or Bluetooth connection by an additional receipt printer.

No Costly Hardware Investment

As POS software, Snabble's mobilePOS can be easily installed on existing Android mobile devices with NFC chip, e.g. from Zebra, without extra hardware investment. In addition, the mobile POS system supports Apple iPhone as well as devices with Windows and Linux as operating systems.


The mobilePOS from Snabble is of course compliant with cash security regulations. If legal requirements change, they are implemented at any time and without delay.

The pocket-sized cash register


The Snabble mobilePOS maps all processes that are traditionally performed by a stationary cash register.

Weighed & Quantity Goods

Price and weight-encoded barcodes are of course supported by Snabble mobilePOS, so that weighing and quantity goods can also be recorded.

Digital Receipts

Create receipts digitally as QR codes. Customers can simply scan the QR code to receive their receipt.

Couponing & Loyalty Cards

Scan coupons or select the respective promotion digitally in mobilePOS. Of course, Snabble's mobile POS system also supports loyalty cards.

Discounts and price Adjustments

All important functions of a regular, stationary POS system can also be found in mobilePOS. For example, adjusting prices for individual items, or entering absolute or relative discounts on an item or shopping cart basis.

Product Search

With the integrated product search, it is easy to search for items via an input field or selection menu and add them to the shopping cart.

Staff Journal

Employees have access to the history of their sales at any time - and can thus, for example, subsequently reissue a receipt and track store manager sales in your store.

MobilePOS Features
Common Questions


What is the difference between mPOS, m-POS and mobilePOS systems?

The various terms mPOS, m-POS or even mobilePOS are different spellings for mobile POS systems that differ in detail depending on the manufacturer. Snabble's mobilePOS, for example, is designed for high transaction volumes and maximum user-friendliness in order to provide chain stores in the stationary retail sector with reliable and powerful software for their point of sale that relieves staff and delights customers.

Why are different SoftPOS providers supported?

Many payment providers bring their own SoftPOS - or support selected third-party SoftPOS software. We support various SoftPOS solutions so that you as a merchant can continue to work with your existing payment provider wherever possible.

Which payment methods are supported?

The support of payment methods depends on your payment provider. Basically, we support all credit cards as well as smartphone payment methods, for example VISA, MasterCard, American Express (AmEx), Apple Pay, Google Pay, TWINT, WeChat Pay, AliPay and many more.

For which industries is the Snabble mobilePOS suitable?

Snabble mobilePOS is designed for, but not limited to, brick-and-mortar retail. Feel free to consult with one of our experts on how the mobile POS solution can help your business.

Does the tap-on-mobile and pin-on-glass technology provide sufficient security?

Yes, the virtual terminal meets all the security requirements that conventional terminals must also meet. Screenshots or screen recordings are automatically prevented by the system, and the critical data is also sent to the payment provider in encrypted form.

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