About snabble

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just walk out a store and pay by tapping a button?

That’s the question that started snabble. Online shopping is getting easier every day and companies like Amazon strive to change the whole retail industry by building their own stores.

We want to keep existing retail stores relevant by bringing online best-practices to the retail world. That’s why we gathered a small team where technology, design and communication come together.

But we didn't just focus on a single problem and built an app for that. Instead we put ourselves in the shoes of regular shoppers and found solutions to how to create a better shopping experience. And then we put ourselves in the shoes of retailers and built a complete platform, to help existing retailers grow and stay relevant in the ongoing disruption of the industry.

The snabble team

Our office

Our office is right in the center of Bonn, in a street that dates back nearly a thousand years: Acherstraße. But don't worry, that location is as modern as it gets. Just below our office is Titus, a well known german skateshop.

All sorts of stores and shops are literally just around the corner, as is Bonn central station.

Work at snabble

If you like what we do, share our values and think you could help us, please say hello. We don’t ask you to write a cover letter and bring your old school certificates. Just tell us who you are and how you can help us – then let’s meet at our office.

We are not actively searching, but keep an eye on backend developers, mobile developers, sales and marketing people. You're always free to get in touch with us.

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Part of our office in Bonn