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Application Scenarios

Self-scanning systems can create uncertainty for merchants and customers alike. Enhance your self-checkout with Snabble Gatekeeper to provide feedback to your customers on proper checkout or prevent theft and fraud.


Barrier Systems as Exit Control

Add a barrier system to your self-checkout area and implement a psychological preventive measure against theft. Customers also receive important feedback on their purchase completion, which eliminates uncertainty in the checkout process.


Gatekeeper as Physical Touchpoint

Provide a physical touchpoint to give your customers certainty and thus break down barriers. To complete a purchase, a QR code generated in the Scan & Go app is presented at the gatekeeper. This confirms the successful purchase for all to see.

Digital Gatekeeper

Your Benefits


Assurance for Your Customers

Give your customers feedback on the successful completion of their purchase and thus minimize barriers to use.


Effective Theft Prevention

Create a visible exit point in your self-checkout area and thereby counteract shrinkage & inventory discrepancies on a psychological level.



A time-limited validity of the QR codes generated after the purchase is completed effectively prevents any abuse.


Automated Employee Actions

Trigger employee actions for defined products and variables - e.g. for particularly high-priced products, high shopping baskets or for age verification - and additionally safeguard against shrinkage through automated, random checks.


Real-time Monitoring

With Snabble Checkout Supervisor, you can track in real time everything that happens in your self-checkout area, including shopping carts, inspections or approvals made by employees.

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