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The "add-on" for your point of sale - with Snabble, all options are open to you. You don't have to decide for or against a new POS system, but can add useful modules to your existing structure.

Pos integrations
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Existing Integrations

The Snabble POS platform can be seamlessly integrated into your ERP & POS systems - e.g. with SAP OPPS. Of course, all data flowing back is automatically fed back to your ERP system, as well as financial accounting - e.g. SAP CAR or POSLog. The Snabble POS platform has numerous services, e.g:

ERP Systems

For the supply of article information and price data, a connection to your ERP system must be established, e.g:


Bison Retail

CRM Systems

The Snabble POS platform offers integrations with CRM systems to help you build and maintain strong customer relationships, e.g. through couponing and individual pricing.

POS Systems

Snabble can act as a primary and secondary POS system. This means you can also add innovative components to your POS system, e.g. our mobile POS. This opens up numerous new use cases for you

Promotions & Prices

To ensure consistent pricing across different systems, it makes sense to use a central service. The integration of such a service enables consistent calculation of promotions, coupons or store-specific prices.


Allgeier IT


For articles that require age verification, it is possible to use vending machines. This ensures that youth protection regulations are adhered to and goods are protected.


Grab & Go

As an innovation driver, Snabble already has a connection to the right technology partner. Snabble ensures the correct payment processing, fiscalization and booking of transactions and thus allows a smooth entry into this future topic.



The Snabble POS platform enables seamless connection to Cloud-TSE from Deutsche Fiskal or EFsTA to report transactions regardless of location and in compliance with regulations. 

Cloud-TSE Deutsche Fiskal


Data Supply & Archiving 

Of course, all returned data is automatically fed back to your ERP system, as well as to financial accounting and for archiving.



Payment Service Provider

Snabble already has numerous connections to various PSPs with a wide range of payment options: VISA, Mastercard, AmericanExpress, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Postfinance, Twint, GiroCard and GiroPay.





Services Snabble can provide for you

Services by Snabble

Open up new possibilities - the POS platform not only serves as a link between the point of sale and third-party service providers, but can also take over important functions for your POS independently.

Online Price Calculation

The Snabble POS platform enables online price calculation to provide you with flexible and dynamic pricing. Adjust prices online to respond to current market conditions or promotions. With Snabble, you can adjust your pricing strategy while ensuring that customers always receive transparent and up-to-date information on product prices.


With Snabble, you can set up promotions and prices to emphasize the strength of your locations and create additional incentives to buy. The POS platform helps you to tailor your marketing to different stores and thus optimize your sales promotion strategies.


Increase your sales in a targeted effort with Snabble Couponing. The POS platform allows you to offer customized coupons to your customers to incentivize purchases. Use this function to implement targeted sales promotions and attract the attention of your customers.


Digital receipts can be generated by the POS platform and scanned by customers using a QR code or saved as a PDF file. Of course, eReceipts can be issued in physical form via all common receipt printers.

The right tools

Toolings for Greater Business Performance

Use Snabble's powerful control and monitoring tools to optimize processes at your point of sale.

Shop Access Management

The Snabble POS platform handles shop access management to give you effective control over access to your store. Manage employee and customer access intelligently by assigning individual access authorizations. With Snabble, you have the flexibility to control access to specific areas or functions to maximize the security and efficiency of your business operations.

Retailer Portal

All processes at a glance - keep track of all activities in your stores and take effective action against theft and shrinkage.

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Checkout Supervisor

Maintain full control of all processes in your stores at all times - gain important insights into your customers and optimize processes in your stores.

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My existing systems are not listed - can I still use the POS Platform?

Even if you use systems developed in-house or not listed here, you can still use the POS Platform. Some of our customers found themselves in a similar situation, whereupon requirements were clarified and the corresponding interfaces were developed.

I would like more information, do you provide documentation?

You can find the documentation for the Snabble REST API at the following link:


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