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July 2, 2021 at 1:16 PM

Snabble × anybill

"Together we are shaping the POS of the future with modern technologies." - A statement that unites us. anybill provides an infrastructure for retailers through a digital receipt management system. Snabble offers merchants a platform that enables easy integration of Scan & Go at the point of sale. That's why we are convinced that as different as it may seem at first, we are pursuing the same goal. To better digitize the point of sale of the future for the customer of tomorrow.

Who And What Is anybill?

The three founders Lea Frank, Tobias Gubo and Patrick Göttler founded the tech startup anybill in December 2019. With their technology, they enable the issuing of digital cash register receipts - and without hardware. The technical infrastructure for anybill expandable POS system allows integration with third-party apps, wallets or banking apps. In this way, digital receipts can be accepted in a contextually appropriate manner.

Digital Receipts

Digital receipts and vouchers are a viable and environmentally friendly alternative to thermal paper receipts. anybill also creates a sustainable shopping experience for improved customer loyalty through customizable coupons and vouchers. In addition, they offer smart features such as a warranty tracker, spend manager or shopping evaluation options. Furthermore, targeted offers can be placed based on purchases. And all this in compliance with the obligation to issue receipts in accordance with Section 146a (4) of the German Fiscal Code (Abgabenordnung).

Sustainability Through Digital Receipts

The average per capita consumption of receipts is 2-3 per day. More than half of all printed receipts are not taken home by shoppers. This results in a high consumption of environmentally harmful thermal paper - amounting to 10 million tons of waste worldwide per year.

With anybill, polluted thermal paper can be dispensed with. Digital cash register receipts make a major contribution to environmental protection - little work for an active contribution to climate protection.

The fact that digital receipts will conquer their place at the point of sale in the future was also quickly realized by Tegut in the teo micro-store concept. There, too, after a short time the option of a digital till receipt was introduced.

The decisive difference here, however, is that anybill as a technology provider enables the nationwide issuance of digital cash register receipts: both on the part of retailers and on the part of consumers: the digital cash register receipt is to be issued flexibly and precisely in the way that tomorrow's customers would like to receive it. This will not only enable a better connected and sustainable future directly at the checkout, but also new opportunities for customer interactions and increases in customer loyalty.

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