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February 23, 2022 at 1:44 PM

In November 2021, anybill and Snabble jointly launched a qualitative survey of the LinkedIn community. The goal was to filter out insights, opinions and trends from the community. With almost 2,500 followers at anybill and over 1,000 at Snabble, the questions were played out to a broad mass. In the process, we came across some exciting results. For anyone who didn't actively follow the survey, the results are summarized below.

Why should stationary retailers digitize their PoS?

At 61%, the answer "better customer experience" received the most votes. The customer is the king at the center of many stationary retail concepts and thus also makes a significant contribution to the direction of the digitization strategy. Whether it's a convenient checkout without a checkout line and past the cashier via Scan & Go or the relaxed and clear filing of digital receipts - both anybill and Snabble make a significant contribution to improving the digital customer experience with their software solutions.

In second place among the responses, "Deep customer insights" was chosen with 22% of the votes. Enhancing the point of sales got 17% of the vote share.

It should not be underestimated how much customer information can be generated via digital services at the point of sale. With a comprehensive customer picture, offers and recommendations can be better adapted to customer expectations.

Which digital services will have established themselves in stationary retail in 10 years' time?

The world is changing rapidly and the digital transformation is not stopping. We asked which digital services will be firmly established in stationary retail in 10 years' time. Digital receipts received 42% of the vote, self-checkout systems 53%. Given the divided community, this is not a surprising result. What was unexpected, however, was that no one believes in smart shopping lists. The question remains open here as to which shopping list variants will exist in 10 years.

How long may the implementation of a digital service at the point of sale take?

Time is always a factor that makes a solution and its implementation attractive or correspondingly unattractive. Half of the respondents state that the implementation of a digital service should take no longer than a week in the best case. 14% each specify a duration of less than a day and less than a month. 21% of respondents state that it may also take up to one month.

Is sustainability a reason to introduce digital services at the PoS?

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in our society. At Snabble, too, the topic is a central aspect that we take into account in our corporate culture.

But is sustainability also a reason to introduce a digital service at the PoS? Yes! 95% of respondents say that sustainability is a reason to introduce and use digital services at the point of sale.

Digital services at the point of sale can have a direct positive impact on the sustainability aspect. Anybill shows how with a digital receipt that seamlessly integrates into the customer journey.

More results of the survey and more insights can be found at anybill.

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