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August 8, 2023 at 4:54 PM

Technological progress in the retail sector has never been faster, and at the same time it has never been more difficult to retain customers. This makes a positive attitude and the implementation of measures that enhance the shopping experience all the more important. The question is how technological progress in stationary retail can be used properly to evoke positive reactions and emotions when shopping and thus meet the evolved shopping habits of consumers.

Positive Emotions Enhance Customer Experience

If retailers want to improve the customer experience, they should develop an understanding of how they can evoke positive emotions in customers during their shopping experience. Today's consumers have a lot of information at their fingertips, good advice - if they want to use it at that moment - is important to them. Shopping should be personalized, and products and items should be sustainable if possible. Shoppers are also becoming more and more demanding, and the retail trade is transforming itself into a retail experience.

Enhancing the Customer Experience with Technology

The customer experience is an intangible asset that goes beyond the purchase of a product or service and consists of countless interactions, moments and touchpoints between consumers and brands. It is also key to customer brand loyalty. Companies therefore argue that technology, which provides customers with improved service and new ways to store, is an essential ingredient for the success of today's retail industry. However, it is important to determine whether consumers are ready for change.

Knowing the market and consumers therefore is of crucial importance for companies, because markets are increasingly changing and becoming more and more demanding. Likewise, consumers have different preferences and diverse desires. Thus, offering value propositions - new ways to positively impact the in-store shopping experience that are disruptive and innovative - will make the difference in the face of increasingly fierce competition.

Experiential Retail Instead of Conventional Shopping

One way to achieve greater customer engagement is to recognize the importance of experiential retail in 2023. This involves transforming store design, offers, the display of goods and advice into a customer-centric experience. According to a recent consumer survey by PWC, many consumers saw advantages in physical shopping - 75% of respondents said that knowledgeable and helpful staff were an important reason for them to shop in a physical store. Service-oriented customer advice therefore creates real added value for the customer and makes shopping in the store a shopping experience. High-quality advisory offers brick-and-mortar retail the greatest advantage over online business in that a connection can be established with the customers and should therefore also be utilized. Equipping staff with supporting software to fully exploit the advantage that brick-and-mortar retail has to offer is therefore only logical. 



The mobilePOS offers an optimal solution for both consumers and employees. As a portable and compact device connected to the Internet, it enables employees to be customer advisors and cashiers at the same time. This means that high-quality advice can be provided directly in the store, saving customers time, improving the quality of service and bringing more personalization to the shopping experience.

The mobile checkout is a unique, yet simple way to meet the needs of both customers for an experience and employees for flexible work design. Not only can you enhance the shopping experience, but you can also create added value for your own employees.

In addition, the mobile POS solution makes it possible to rethink the checkout area and the general store design, since a separate checkout area is no longer mandatory. This allows the design of the store to be completely revised, goods and items can be presented more prominently, and the shopping experience of customers can also be enhanced in this way.

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Conclusion: Enhance customer experience

One thing is certain: digital progress is an enrichment for brick-and-mortar retail, as the wide range of technical options has considerable potential to significantly enhance the shopping experience for consumers. Trends and developments in customer behavior and their expectations of modern shopping offer new opportunities to provide customers with a positive experience while shopping. In-store shopping will be accelerated, simplified and at the same time enhanced. Retailers should not forget that despite the advancement of technology, consumers remain the fundamental pillar of success. Those retailers who focus all their efforts on an attractive product without addressing the needs of the consumer will not be able to compete in the long term with retailers who put customers at the center of their business and thus keep them loyal to their brand.

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