Pflanzen-Kölle - Scan & Go For Plants, Garden Supplies And Garden Furniture

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May 6, 2021 at 1:13 PM

Pflanzen-Kölle is a prime example of how Scan & Go knows no industries. Thestrategies behind this are always different in the various industries.

Pflanzen-Kölle - Tradition Meets Innovation

Pflanzen-Kölle is a German family-owned company that offers plants, garden supplies and furniture, as well as small animals and pet supplies in its stores. The company's foundation stone was laid by David Kölle in Ulm in 1818. Since then, the company has continued to develop.

With over 200 years of success, Pflanzen-Kölle stands for mutability and innovation.

Today they offer a range of goods of about 40,000 articles at 13 locations. In addition to the products, Pflanzen-Kölle shines with plant competence, a deep connection to nature and a cordial approach to customers:inside. Numerous events and attractions for children and adults make a visit to Pflanzen-Kölle a unique, all-round shopping experience. The core of the company's success is its expert staff. In addition, Pflanzen-Kölle has its own nurseries and market gardens.


Scan & Go at Pflanzen-Kölle

Pflanzen-Kölle also demonstrates adaptability and innovative strength with regard to advancing digitalization. With all 13 stores, they have already been on the Snabble app since mid-2020. In addition to the normal cash registers, they offer their customers:inside a self-checkout via the app and via a SCO.

Scan & Go at a retailer for plants, garden supplies and furniture? What are the advantages for the customer? - There are several reasons: Self-checkout is of course faster. Customers:inside scan their items themselves while shopping. After successful payment, the app generates a QR code that has to be confirmed at the SCO. In this case, the SCO serves as a gatekeeper. After that, customers:inside can simply leave. There is no checkout line. Even bulky and awkward items do not delay the checkout, as the items only need to be scanned once by the customer. A perfect example of this is a large purchase with many products. These no longer have to be placed on the checkout conveyor. An additional effort can thus be avoided.

When looking for garden supplies, however, it is not a matter of haste or speed. People take their time and get advice. Self-checkout allows staff:inside to concentrate on giving advice instead of cashing up.

What does Pflanzen-Kölle show us?

Pflanzen-Kölle is a prime example of how Scan & Go knows no industries. Whether in food retail, drugstores or even gardening supplies, there are diverse applications. The strategies behind this are always different in the various sectors. Whether it's shortening waiting times at the checkout or improving the quality of advice by reducing the workload of employees, Scan & Go offers many advantages for retailers and customers alike.

The new Scan & Go system will also be on show in the garden center.

In addition, Pflanzen-Kölle shows that adding more stores to the Snabble platform is intuitive and easy. After all master data has been integrated in the Snabble Cloud, retailers can set up and connect their stores themselves. Pflanzen-Kölle integrated all 13 stores on its own in just a few weeks.

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