Progress Report: MobilePOS integration at Gebr. Heinemann

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August 1, 2023 at 8:25 AM

Snabble's mobilePOS technology in use at Gebr. Heinemann at Vienna Airport

Gebr. Heinemann is an expert for all sales channels in travel retail. Among consumers, the Hamburg-based company is known for its stores in airports. The product portfolio ranges from perfume and cosmetics to wine and spirits and tobacco, from confectionery and delicatessen to fashion, accessories, watches and jewelry. As a future-oriented retail company with high demands on customer satisfaction and employee orientation, the decision for a new checkout technology was a strategic challenge for Gebr. Heinemann. With the development of mobilePOS by Snabble, they found a suitable solution that adds a valuable component to the entire checkout process.

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The launch of mobilePOS at Vienna Airport was an important step in this process. The focus was on testing the mobilePOS and the reaction of the customers. The employees received a thorough introduction to the operation of the mobilePOS and were able to get started immediately without further questions. The user interface and features that make mobilePOS a complete POS system proved to be extremely useful and easy to understand. Special features developed specifically for Gebr. Heinemann - such as airline ticket scanning, an SAP OPPS integration, and CRM connectivity - completed the process.

Right from the start, mobilePOS was seamlessly integrated into the customer journey of airport customers and enabled faster checkouts. At the same time, customers with more time on their hands were offered comprehensive advice and the opportunity to complete their purchases on the spot. The mobilePOS showed its strength in the high-price segment by combining mobile checkout functions with individual consultation. Customers were pleasantly surprised by the convenient checkout process and the speed behind it. Even after the successful launch of mobilePOS, we are still focusing on further developing the product in order to continuously improve the user experience for customers and users. The next steps are the integration of customer-specific coupons for individual in-store cross- and upselling.

The launch of mobilePOS was a complete success. The enthusiasm of the employees and the satisfaction of the customers could hardly be overlooked. In addition, Gebr. Heinemann proved that, as a future-oriented retail company, it has the courage to see change as an opportunity and to successfully introduce new technologies. The mobilePOS proved to be the perfect solution, seamlessly integrating into the customer journey of airport customers and offering them maximum convenience and efficiency.

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