The ERP Integration

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January 23, 2022 at 1:40 PM

What is an ERP system?

Enterprise Resource Planning, abbreviated by the term ERP, refers to a software solution for planning classic resources of a company or organization, such as capital, personnel, operating resources, materials, information and communication technology and IT systems, in order to optimize them according to current company needs and thereby achieve an increase in efficiency. ERP integrates a variety of business applications and operational data that are processed and stored in a central database and enables process planning even across locations and departments.

What does ERP integration mean?

ERP integration is the process of connecting a company's ERP software with other systems in use. Each software application uses its own data processing and management. ERP integration improves the overall management of information. Processing data across different systems can result in improved productivity and data analysis, as well as simplification of operations and cost reduction.

The result of the integration is that connected systems can transmit and exchange data via interfaces.

Why is ERP integration so important in the context of Scan & Go?

The ERP system guarantees smooth and error-free cooperation between the various management tools. It ensures an overview of all existing data. This is of enormous importance for ERP integration and the connection to a scan & go platform, for example. In particular, the now common provision of ERP software via cloud or hybrid solution, greatly facilitates the operation and connection in combination with Scan & Go.

An existing ERP system simplifies the integration process. It also ensures that all necessary data can be exchanged between the systems. Furthermore, information about products, prices, promotions and purchases can be exchanged automatically, with the ERP providing the consistent "source of truth".

What data is being shared?

First of all, product data is needed. This is the name, a description and, for example, further details such as ingredients, origin, category, unit, images and availability. In addition, price information is important. In addition to the current price, EAN and barcode as well as discount information are shared. Loyalty programs can also be taken into account. This includes special offers, member prices, recommendations or further information. In return, the Scan & Go platform shares receipts, purchases, and payment references.

How to prepare?

Are you interested in a Scan & Go solution? We are at your disposal at any time. To prepare for a possible discussion, it would be useful to gather information in a preceding internal meeting with your ERP and loyalty team. If possible, avoid technical pitfalls in data transfer. Also, be sure to talk to a scan-&-go vendor that can provide API documentation.

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