The Snabble Year In Review 2020, Part 1

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December 21, 2020 at 8:30 AM

In 2020, there was a lot of movement in retail and at the PoS. Driven by the pandemic, retailers were forced to develop hygiene concepts for their stores. Customers had to observe distance rules. The importance of scan & go, mobile payment and self-checkout suddenly increased due to contact restrictions and to protect customers and employees. The retail research institute EHI already confirmed this in a press release dated April 2, 2020:

Before the pandemic, 38 percent of shoppers still preferred cash payments; their share is currently dropping to 18 percent. While 42 percent prefer classic card payment, another 31 percent use contactless payment and around 8 percent use mobile payment options.

Customers avoid emerging contacts and thus cash payments. Contactless card and mobile payment variants experienced an extraordinary upswing this year. As the year comes to a close, we'd like to give merchants some insight: How has Snabble as a platform helped drive digital transformation? How are retailers enabling a low-contact and secure shopping experience for their customers in times of a pandemic? Pflanzen Kölle and IKEA Germany provide insight into this.

Insights From Retail



Pflanzen Kölle

Pflanzen Kölle has been on our platform since February this year. They have managed to install Scan & Go in 13 stores over the course of the year. How does the Scan & Go experience work at a plant and garden supply retailer? Feel free to try it out. You'll find a list of locations in the Snabble app, of course.

Michael Schneider, Head of IT at Pflanzen Kölle said:

 For us, it's a huge step towards digitalization. There is no industry in the retail sector in which there is no way around mobile payment and Scan & Go. That's why we decided early on to offer our customers these options - with success. Snabble offered us the possibility of easy integration into existing retail. We look forward to working with them in the future. 

We are also pleased that Pflanze Kölle is a part of the Snabble platform. We will report all news about Pflanzen Kölle and the successful launch in the stores in the coming year.

IKEA Germany

In Frankfurt am Main you can try Snabble in an IKEA store. Many have probably already seen the Snabble intro video that was filmed in this store. On about 35,000 square meters you can enjoy the Snabble shopping experience there. Through this collaboration, we were able to gain many insights that we have already presented to you on our social media channels: The average receipt of a purchase with Snabble is 25% higher than the overall average of the store and 40% higher than a purchase at the express checkout.

Looking back at 2020, Dirk Rummel, Head of Payment IKEA Germany said:

 Our goal is to always stay innovative and create a better everyday life for people. Therefore, we constantly ask ourselves what we can do even better. With Snabble, we were able to make the shopping process even more convenient for our customers. Especially on busy days, we offer Scan & Go and Self-Checkout to avoid long waiting times. This way, an IKEA visit can be completed in a short time, even on a Saturday. 

This is also confirmed by our insights at IKEA's Frankfurt location: the checkout of customers using Snabble is 60% faster. In addition, customer satisfaction increases by 33% and the shopping cart by 25%.

What To Expect In Part 2

First of all, we would like to thank our partners and customers who provided us with their votes. The feedback is very positive and we are very much looking forward to further cooperation.

In the second part of the year in review, we present more interesting voices about Snabble and our Scan & Go platform. One of the biggest successes of the year was the opening of tegut...'s teo store. We asked tegut... to find out how project manager Sören Gatzweiler experienced 2020 and where he sees the future of Scan & Go.


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