The Multi-Retailer App for Scan & Go

Snabble App

Enjoy the benefits of an app-based scan & go solution without having to realize the costs of developing and supporting your own customer app.

Group Multi App


Offer your customers the most innovative scan & go experience in as many stores as you want - and in the shortest possible time. Benefit from extensive network effects through an app that many retailers are already using.


Loyalty Programs, Couponing and Promotions

Integrated loyalty cards open up new avenues for customer retention. Also, use promotions and coupons to increase your sales.


CI-compliant Design and Automatic Store Detection

The Snabble app automatically detects when customers enter your stores and adapts the design to your corporate identity.


Cross- and Upselling Right During the Shopping Process

Help your customers make better purchase decisions while shopping by showing them recommendations directly on their smartphone.


Store-specific Promotions and Prices

Strengthen your locations with store-specific promotions and prices and inspire customers with attractive offers.


Customer-centric Design and Intuitive use

Impress your customers with responsive app design, fast loading times, and a simple and intuitive user interface - everything to make self-scanning a delight.


Security Thanks to Various Security Layers

Reduce inventory discrepancies and shrinkage with versatile security measures. These include Snabble Checkout Supervisor, Snabble Gatekeeper, and identity verification in the app.

Snabble App


Spotlight Your Brand

By geofencing, the Snabble app automatically detects which store users are in when they enter a store. With the chameleon effect, the app design and flow instantly adapt to your corporate design - so your brand stays in the spotlight.

Taylored Features

The Snabble app is configurable to your requirements in many ways. Designs can be customized, different payment methods can be integrated, and store-specific promotions and coupons can be mapped. The integration of loyalty programs is also possible.

Network Effect

Instead of multiple merchant apps, customers can simply use one Scan & Go app. This makes shopping easier for your customers and you benefit from new customer segments who can now also shop in your stores with the Snabble app. At the same time, you can retain your customers through integrated loyalty programs.

Quick Accessibility

Once connected to the Snabble POS platform, new stores can be added to the Snabble app quickly and easily. Your customers can simply download the Snabble app from the Google Play or Apple app store and start scanning right away.

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