Flexible point of sale in brick-and-mortar retail

Snabble POS

Flexible to use, intuitive to operate and TSE-compliant - the POS software from Snabble for your cash registers.

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Greater Flexibility at the Point of Sale

IT managers, operations managers and store teams benefit from the increased flexibility and many other advantages that Snabble POS offers.

IT Managers

You are offered maximum flexibility in terms of integration thanks to the combination options of various merchant services, Snabble services and 3rd party providers. At the same time, Snabble POS is operating system-independent, easily customizable and highly scalable.


Snabble POS can be used as a hybrid checkout - the stationary checkout can optionally be used as a self-checkout terminal or in combination with a mobilePOS. The system is hardware-independent and can be configured via remote access.

Store Teams

Your store teams benefit from the simple operation and user-friendly interface as well as the support of computer vision.Thanks to the fixed-to-mobile function, the cash register can also be used flexibly at any time.

The System With all Possibilities

Benefit from the advantages of increased flexibility by opting for a POS system that offers you all the options.

Stationary Checkout

Use Snabble's POS software for your stationary cash registers and increase employee satisfaction thanks to the user-friendly interface. Accept payments in cash or by card - of course, Snabble as a POS system has legally compliant fiscalization with connections to Deutsche Fiskal's Cloud TSE and EFSTA.

Self Checkout Mode

Employees can use a QR code to convert the stationary checkout into an SCO and thus react flexibly to situations.

mobilePOS & SnabblePOS

Data can be transferred to the stationary cash register and vice versa via a docking station.

POS Anwendungen Kreislauf

Flexible and Seamless Integration

The POS Platform helps you to keep processes lean and simplifies integration. Snabble can take on a wide range of functions and is therefore also suitable if you already have a primary POS system and are considering expanding your POS system.

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Your Advantages

Find out more about the numerous advantages that Snabble POS offers you as a cloud-based POS system.

Wide Range of Applications

With Snabble as your POS system, you can cover every scenario - from pop-up stores to high-traffic retail outlets with stationary checkouts.

User-friendly UX/UI

Increase employee satisfaction with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that saves time at checkout and focuses on the user experience of employees and customers alike.

Free Choice of Components

Snabble POS is operating system-independent, hardware-agnostic and, unlike other POS software solutions, can be displayed in any display resolution. Use existing hardware modules and avoid expensive hardware investments. Design your POS freely according to your ideas.

Fast Go-Live

Once connected to the POS platform, new devices and stores can go live in no time at all - regardless of the specific application scenario and the number of checkouts.

State-of-the-Art Technology

As a SaaS solution, Snabble offers you the latest and most powerful software for your cash registers at all times, without you incurring any additional costs for maintenance and updates.

Highly Scalable

Your new POS system is designed for high transaction volumes and offers you the option of using a large number of stores with different concepts - no matter how high the transaction volume is. Your data is securely stored in the cloud.


Your new POS system is of course KassenSichV-compliant. If legal requirements change, they will be implemented immediately and at any time.


The POS software can be adapted to your needs in many ways. Designs can be customized, buttons and navigations can be extended and

Remote Access

The Snabble Retailer Portal allows you to set up and configure your POS devices from anywhere, e.g. for category maintenance, without having to physically access the device.

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POS Rabatte und Journal


The flexible POS system offers you numerous functions for increasing efficiency and added value in your stores.

Weighing & Quantity Goods

Price and weight-encoded barcodes are of course supported so that weighing and quantity goods can also be recorded. Furthermore, scales can be integrated and, if required, expanded to include an AI assistant.

Digitale & Physical Receipts

Simply generate receipts digitally as a QR code. Customers can simply scan the QR code and receive their receipt or print out the classic receipt using a receipt printer.

Couponing & Loyalty Cards

Scan coupons or select the relevant promotion digitally. Customer cards are of course supported.

Discounts & Price Controls

Discounts and price adjustments can be made automatically for individual items as well as on a basket basis or by manually entering relative and absolute values.

Staff Journal

Employees have access to the history of their sales at all times - and can thus, for example, reissue a receipt at a later date and track store manager sales in your store.

Product Search

With the integrated product search, it is easy to search for items via an input field or selection menu and add them to the shopping cart.

Dynamic Pricing

Store-specific promotions and prices or even dynamic prices are made possible by the intraday supply through Delta updates.

Cashless Payments

Cashless payments can be accepted quickly and securely. Use either a card terminal or an NFC-enabled device, which can be used as a terminal thanks to the integrated SoftPOS technology.

Cash Handling

Expand your cash register with a cash counter so that cash payments can be accepted without any problems. Alternatively, you can enter cash payments manually.

Commonly asked


Which application solution should my company choose?

Fundamentally, you don't have to choose just one solution or use case. With Snabble, all options are open to you - you can operate pop-up stores with a tablet as a checkout, while using the stationary checkout in your traditional stores and the mobilePOS in environments with a stronger focus on customer service at the same time. Once connected to the Snabble POS platform, you have the option of implementing self-checkout tills or 24/7 concepts without cashiers. So the question is not what Snabble can offer you, but what specific challenges you want to tackle.

Which sectors is the POS system suitable for?

Snabble's POS software has been developed for brick-and-mortar retail, but is not limited to this sector. In principle, the software can be used in any industry. Contact one of our experts to find out how the POS solution can help your company.

How can the cash register be integrated into a ERP system?

Snabble's POS solutions can be flexibly integrated into your existing system. The POS platform - the heart of the Snabble solutions - can be the interface to your ERP system as well as take over sub-processes - depending on the specific requirements you have for your POS system. Find out more.

What operating systems are supported?

Snabble POS supports a variety of operating systems, specifically Android (6+), Windows (10+) Linux with GTK 3 and iOS are currently supported. With Snabble, you can therefore use any technically up-to-date device as a POS.

Which hardware modules are compatible with the Snabble POS system?

Receipt printers must use the Print Log protocol, which is used by all standard printers. From a technical point of view, standard scanners take on the function of a keyboard and can be integrated just as easily. Scales and weight sensors can also be connected with ease, as can EC terminals or other peripherals - Snabble POS offers you maximum flexibility for your POS. One of our checkout experts will be happy to advise you on your options and answer all of your questions.

What payment methods are supported?

The support of payment methods depends on your payment provider. In principle, we support cash payments as well as all credit cards and smartphone payment methods, for example VISA, MasterCard, American Express (AmEx), Apple Pay, Google Pay, TWINT, WeChat Pay, AliPay and many more.

What is SoftPOS?

The support of payment methods depends on your payment provider. In principle, we support cash payments as well as all credit cards and smartphone payment methods, for example VISA, MasterCard, American Express (AmEx), Apple Pay, Google Pay, TWINT, WeChat Pay, AliPay and many more. Find out more on the mobilePOS page.

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