The app for shopping without checkout lines

With Snabble, you scan your purchase, pay online and simply walk out of the store. No queuing and no putting your purchase on your belt.

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Tested at Pflanzen-Kölle and found to be good - now only need to add more stores.
Shopping at Pflanzen Kölle
This is what the future looks like! That was just my best shopping experience ever! Big compliments to Snabble!
I have just tested and I think it's great, because you do not have to put all the products on the checkout belt and with one click you can scan and then pay as you wish.
We tested the app yesterday. Especially when you have the cart full of small stuff, it's nice to know that you don't have to unpack it until you get to the car.

This is how Snabble works

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Just enter a store and start scanning

You can get started right away, because we don't have a login or registration! Scan your items with the Snabble app to add them to your cart. To do so, just hold a barcode in front of the camera. We've also thought of little things, so you can always see the total value of your shopping cart, for example. 

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Pay directly in the app

Pay by direct debit, credit card, TWINT, Apple Pay or Google Pay directly online in the app – if the retailer already supports this. Otherwise, you can pay at the normal checkouts, express checkouts or self-service checkouts and do not have to scan your purchase again or put it on the checkout belt.

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Just walk out

In most cases, your payment will be made directly and you can just walk out. However, for certain items like alcohol – or a random check – an employee may have to approve your purchase first. Just as with self-service checkouts.