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Excited Customer Using Snabble

Scan & Go With The Snabble App

Our own multi-retailer app offers you many advantages: you are in best company with many other retailers, you don't need your own app and you can offer your customers the full Scan & Go experience. The app even shines in your own design as soon as customers open the app in one of your stores.

Of course, customized features are also possible in the Snabble app: content, notices and custom features like door openings are no problem.

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snabble-App bei verschiedenen Händlern
Snabble als SDK

Scan & Go Via SDK In Your App

We can also provide Snabble's core features for integration into your own app if you wish. Our Software Development Kit is available natively for iOS and Android. Here, we not only provide you with the functions, but also with ready-made layouts that you can further edit as you wish.

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Mobile Payment Via App

Scan & Go has the greatest added value for your customers if they can pay directly in the app. In addition to the particularly favorable secured direct debit, we of course support common online payment methods such as Apple Pay, credit cards, paydirekt or PayPal.

Scan, pay, done. That's how Scan & Go should be.

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Mobiles Bezahlen mit der Snabble-App
snabble Self-Checkout SCO Kiosk

Self-Checkout Reimagined: The SCO From Snabble

Our extremely easy-to-use software for self checkout is as flexibly customizable as our app. In addition to pure SCO use, the mixed operation with SCO and app is particularly exciting. Here, the SCO additionally serves as an age verification and control station - and quite incidentally, the data of a Girocard can be magically transferred to the app to enable payment in the app for the next purchase.

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Customer Cards And Loyalty Programs

Of course, we support your existing loyalty cards - whether classic plastic cards or fully digital accounts. Users can deposit the card in the app or log in to their customer account and thus benefit from all the advantages of your loyalty program in self-checkout as well.

At our SCO, we also support customer and employee cards, of course. It can even be used to make payments.

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Kundenkarten in der Snabble-App
Empfehlungen in der Snabble-App

Product Recommendations

Product recommendations can appear both as content on the home page and as a notice during a purchase. Recommendations become particularly relevant when they not only fit thematically with the last item scanned, but are also spatially in close proximity.

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Promotions & Coupons

Promotions and coupons can apply discounts (relative or absolute) to items or the total shopping cart based on defined conditions (coupon number, shopping cart value, shopping cart group, quantities of goods, ...). Also extras are possible. Of course, you can import existing rules or enter them yourself.

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Promotionen und Coupons mit Snabble
Einkaufsliste in der Snabble-App

Shopping List

With the shopping list, shopping already starts at home. In addition to items from your assortment, generic terms can also be added - via classic text input, barcode scanning or voice input. In the process, the shopping list is always visible even while scanning. If an item is added to the shopping cart, it is automatically removed from the shopping list.

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Empties & Deposit

In the support of empties and deposits, we rely on various methods. On the one hand, direct integration with reverse vending systems is possible here (for example, TOMRA), on the other hand, we can also store, approve and block deposit voucher numbers ourselves.

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Leergut und Pfand mit Snabble
Altersverifikation mit Snabble

Age Verification

We have solved age verification in self-service in a particularly innovative way: when customers make their first purchase of age-restricted goods, they are asked to verify their age. To do this, they pay once by card at our SCO. We read out the age characteristic stored on the card and can even remember it for subsequent purchases in the app. To prevent unauthorized persons from making purchases with the smartphone, online payments can only be made with the help of biometrics (Face ID/Touch ID) or a PIN. Of course, manual age confirmation by employees is also possible at any time.

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Vending Machines Output

Some products are not freely available to customers. We support the dispensing of products from vending machines - for example, at tegut... teo, it is possible to buy cigarettes around the clock, completely without a cashier. To do this, we work with tobaccoland and are connected directly to the EWA cloud. This allows our software to control exactly when which product should drop from which machine.

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Automatenausgabe mit Snabble
snabble Live-Monitoring Checkout Supervisor

Control, Security & Live Monitoring For Retailers

With our checkout supervisor, you and your staff have a complete overview of all customers in the store who are currently shopping with Snabble. Based on the contents of the shopping cart and multiple rules, your staff can see if customers want to buy age-restricted or especially valuable products. Checkout Supervisor runs on all popular smartphones, tablets, computers and MDE devices (e.g. from Zebra, Datalogic or Almex).

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Inventory Discrepancies

To avoid inventory discrepancies, we offer three different solutions that support each other. On the one hand, our checkout supervisor informs your employees when customers should be subject to an inspection. A simple re-scanning ensures security. Secondly, purchase approvals are possible via the SCO, so customers have to go to an area that you can guard. Social control also kicks in here, as other customers can see what's happening on the SCO's display. Third, we work with RFID solutions, for example from Checkpoint.

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Inventurdifferenzen vermeiden
snabble Retailer Portal

Data & Analysis

Unlike other providers, we give you full access to all your customers' data at any time. In our easy-to-use retailer portal, you can also see a wide variety of live statistics and an overview of all purchases. In addition, you can manage your products, configure stores and user accounts, and monitor import and export processes here.

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Offline Functionality

When entering the store, we load the product data directly into the app. This not only allows for a much faster scan result, but more importantly, it allows for scanning in areas of the store where no connection to the internet is possible. After the purchase, we keep the data up-to-date via intelligent delta updates.

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Offline-Funktionalität mit Snabble
Fiskalisierung mit Snabble


Snabble can not only be integrated into existing POS software, but also run completely stand-alone. To this end, we support the fiscalization required in many countries - in Germany, for example, with our partner Deutsche Fiskal.

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We Work With Strong Partners

Deutsche Fiskal
Pan Oston

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