This Is What Snabble Offers You As A Retailer

25% Higher Cart Value
33% Increased Customer Satisfaction
60% Faster Checkouts
Source: Evaluation of IKEA Germany after using snabble at IKEA Frankfurt

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Your Customers Remain Your Customers, Just Like The Associated Data

As part of the snabble platform, we give you new access to your customers. This starts as soon as the customer opens the snabble app in your store: the app shines with your look and feel, there is no longer anything visible from snabble. So you can be sure that you and your brand are present.

Thanks to targeted recommendations, you can reach your customers while shopping. Of course we also support customer cards.

The best thing about it: You not only receive processed data from us, but also the complete raw data to process it in your existing software. With snabble, you only gain something - your customers remain your customers, just like the associated data.

snabble Multi-Retailer-App
snabble makes a great first impression

Network Effect

Imagine that as a customer you only need one app to go shopping with all retailers every day. Just one app that you have to download, where you only have to enter your payment details once. An app that works the same in every store, even if you are shopping there for the first time. For which you do not have to sign up. An app that is so relevant that it is on the first screen on the smartphone.

This one app is snabble. We firmly believe that this is the only way to make relevant usage rates possible.

Satisfied Customers

"We used snabble for the second time at IKEA last week and are really thrilled - we were able to avoid the super long queues and I was able to convince my friend to go to IKEA on a saturday."

"Personally, I think the app is great because it saves you from having to rummage out small items just to scan them. Furthermore, I think it's great that you have an overview of the costs. Revolutionary! - 5 Stars :)"

"I will never shop differently at IKEA Frankfurt again! Easy to use, no annoying putting of the goods on the belt and back saves a lot of time. Hopefully soon at REWE and more."

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Snabble Is The Best Provider For Mobile Self-Checkout

Platform concept
Full access to data
Whitelabel app
Native SDKs
Live monitoring
Special cases food/DIY
In app payment
Offline scanning
Customer cards
Day-end closings
Cash register audits
German audit file compliant
German KassenSichV/TSS
Self checkout register

Security & Live Monitoring

With our live monitoring, you and your employees have a complete overview of all customers in the store who are currently shopping with snabble. Based on the content of the shopping cart and various rules, your employees can see which customers, for example, need age verification. Or a random check - just as you think the settings are correct.

Live monitoring is a web application, so it runs on all common smartphones, tablets and computers. But also on MDE devices with hardware scanners. This allows you to easily re-scan items in the shopping cart and achieve significantly higher security than before.

snabble Live-Monitoring Checkout Supervisor
snabble Retailer Portal

Administration & Statistics

In contrast to other providers, we give you full access to all of your customers' data at all times.

In our easy-to-use retailer portal, you can also see a wide variety of live statistics and an overview of all purchases. You can also manage your products, configure stores and user accounts and monitor import and export processes.

Snabble SCO:
Self-Checkout, Rethought

Integrate once, benefit multiple times: In addition to the snabble app, your customers can also use stationary self-checkout counters - of course with the same, easy-to-use software from snabble. This means that even shop concepts without employees are possible. Round off the shopping experience for your customers and benefit from various use cases:

  • Scan and pay with the app
  • Scan and pay with the app, exit permission at the SCO
  • Scan with the app, pay at the SCO
  • Scan and pay at the SCO

Our SCO software can run on any computer. Of course, different constellations must be considered, for example different screens, scanners, payment terminals and printers. That is why we have preconfigured some models with our partners to give you a first impression. We support the entire product range from Pan Oston and Pyramid, including tailor made solutions.

Shown products: Pan Oston's Slim family (Express SCO and SCO)
snabble Self-Checkout SCO Kiosk

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We Work With Strong Partners

Deutsche Fiskal
Pan Oston

How To Connect To Snabble

The necessary steps for the connection are simple. Export product data to us, import purchases from us. There are various options and often existing interfaces that can be used. Basically, we can integrate with your existing cash register, but we can also act completely self-sufficient next to it.

Since we often implement the connection ourselves, we can support you with advice and action. If you want to speak to your developers beforehand, you can find our technical documentation here:

Documentation on GitHub

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