The leading platform for cashier­less shopping

With snabble your customers scan their items while shopping and pay online. Without waiting in line and without putting their items on the belt. A whole new shopping experience: Scan & Go with snabble.

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Mobile self-scanning and mobile self-checkout for retail with snabble

What you can expect? Fantastic feedback!

We asked 100 customers at EDEKA Paschmann to give the snabble app a try:

95% state that shopping with snabble is better than without
96% think the snabble app was easy to understand and use
93% say they will continue to use the snabble app

Be successful with snabble – thanks to extensive features

iconsnabble multi retailer app
iconWhitelabel app
iconNative SDKs for integration in existing apps
iconCheckout protection and smart re-scanning
iconAll special cases in grocery and DIY
iconSupport for handheld scanners
iconSupport for kiosk and payment terminals
iconPOS register integration
iconSecure online payment
iconWorks without new hardware
iconNo registration
iconOffline scanning
iconLoyalty cards
iconUpselling potentials
iconOmnichannel integration

Our retailers are delighted, too

We need to stand out from larger retail chains by offering better service. What snabble offers is entirely new to retail.

Hasan Cürük, CIO, Carl Knauber Holding Knauber Freizeitmarkt

I am proud to offer our customers a great new and convenient way of shopping with snabble.

Falk Paschmann, CEO, EDEKA Paschmann Edeka

snabble in the details

snabble app for iOS and Android

Consumers can see stores nearby upon starting the app. When the customer approaches a supported store the app will automatically detect the location and load the proper product portfolio.

Product information is stored within the snabble app, so there's no need for WiFi coverage in your store. Updates to your data are automatically detected and downloaded over night, after an algorithm detected which bits and bytes have changed, so the downloaded data stays as small as possible.

Customers can now scan products in your store and pay right inside the app.

Die snabble-App zum Einkaufen ohne Kassenschlange
snabble app and snabble Checkout Supervisor

snabble Checkout Supervisor

Having control over the checkout process is fundamentally important. Based on the customer’s level of trust and machine learning security algorithms, our software will tell your employees which customer to control at checkout – with our Checkout Supervisor web-app.

This can mean visual control or re-scanning a certain amount of items in the customer’s cart. The Checkout Supervisor app is optimized – and configurable – for minimal interaction and maximum security.

snabble Gatekeeper

Optionally, the snabble Gatekeeper offers you a simple option to guide customers. Before a customer is allowed to leave your store, he has to verify his purchase at the Gatekeeper. To do so, he holds the QR code that was generated in the app in front of the scanner. The Gatekeeper then determines if the cart needs manual control by an employee. If not, the customer gets an instant approval on the Gatekeeper's display and additionaly in the app. He's now allowed to leave the store. Even an integration of an electric gate is possible.

If a manual control is needed, an employee can perform this directly at the Gatekeeper or with the Checkout Supervisor.

snabble Gatekeeper
snabble Retailer Portal

snabble Retailer Portal

Manage your products, configure your store and user-accounts, monitor import and export processes and view orders. All inside our easy to use retailer portal.

We've already begun to implement performance charts, so you can see firsthand how your customers shop with snabble and learn more about your customers.

Software Development Kit

The features of snabble aren't exclusive to the snabble app. Do you already have your own app and would like to implement the scanning and checkout features of snabble? That's where our SDK comes in handy. It offers access to all of our core features and is easy to use by your developers. Have them take a look at our code and documentation on GitHub.

Software As A Service

Don't worry about buying and maintaining servers. All of the snabble platform/middleware is hosted in the cloud and offered as a service. That means we will constantly maintain the software so you don't have to. It just works. And thanks to our smart compression technology even the product data is stored right inside the app so you don't have to have extensive WiFi coverage in your store.

Frequently asked questions

How do you handle promotions?

We already support fundamental promotions like discounts. We're looking forward to implement more as soon as possible.

Can you integrate orders in our pos system?

While we have already done this, it depends heavily on the pos system you use. Let's get in touch and see how we can make this possible.

Which payment methods does snabble support?

Cash, girocard, SEPA direct debit, MasterCard, VISA and any other payment service you'd like to use.

Do my stores need to have complete WiFi coverage?

No, but having free WiFi in the checkout area is recommended. Our app doesn't need to transfer much data at all.

How do you know in which store the customer is?

By getting the geo-location from the user's device and matching it with the location of your store.

How do you prevent shoplifting?

By using smart algorithms and our checkout supervisor app. We would be happy to tell you more.

Is my data secure?

All data is stored inside the Google Cloud Platform, an infrastructure secured by the world's leading experts.

Does snabble work in my country?

Yes. If there's no partner in your country yet we'd be glad if you're the first.

We would love to tell you more

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