Exclusive Insights: We Asked Over 300 Customers At IKEA About Their Experience With Snabble

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December 9, 2019 at 11:53 AM

During the first weeks at IKEA (Full story: IKEA to offer mobile self-scanning and self-checkout with snabble) we took the chance to gather as much information from customers as possible. We spent many hours in the store and asked customers to give feedback, which helped us immensely to make the snabble experience even better.

But of course we also took the chance to get qualified feedback in the form of two different surveys. One survey asked snabble users about their experience using the app, while the other survey asked customers at regular checkouts why they didn't use snabble.

IKEA has been so kind to allow us to share that information with you. Read on to gather exclusive information and insights and find out why snabble is the #1 app for shopping without checkout lines.

"What's your first reaction of Scan & Go with snabble?"

More than 98% said their experience was positive, nearly 70% stated that it was very positive. Not a single customer answered with negative or very negative.


"If you could have paid for your purchase directly in the app today (eg PayPal, credit card, ...), would you have done that?"

Payment at IKEA takes place at the regular express checkouts, with a separate area just for customers using the snabble app. While there are no queues for snabble users, over 76% of them say that they would like to pay online right in the app. Many of them even added a separate note on the survey that they want to use online payment methods. The good part is that online payment is already possible with snabble. We just announced a full rollout of the online payment feature at Knauber.


"Imagine you could use snabble every time you shop in any store. Would that be something you need?"

The idea behind the snabble app is that you only need one app to shop everywhere, so you don’t have do download multiple apps for retail shopping. Just like you don’t download apps for every band you like, you just use Spotify. So we asked customers if they think that snabble is something that they need in every store for every purchase.


"How likely is it that you will recommend snabble to a friend or colleague?"

How do you know that a product you developed is solving real world problems and makes people happy? Probably when usage and demand are high and your users are recommending your product to their friends and colleagues.


Gender and age

It’s easy to assume that mobile scan & go technology is something for young people who use their smartphone all the time. But in fact age doesn’t matter that much. Compared to overall IKEA customers, we’ve even seen that customers between 35 and 44 are more likely to use snabble. And now hold your breath: Customers between 18 and 24 are less likely to use snabble and rather use traditional checkouts. Quite surprising, isn’t it?


Overall, we've found that men are faster at trying the app than women. The male visitor share at IKEA is just shy of 40%, but the snabble app is used to 54.5% by men.

As you just read, feedback from snabble users has been fantastic and very consistent from day one of our survey. But of course there were still customers shopping without using the snabble app. We wanted to know why.

"Why didn't you shop with snabble today?"

The results are very individual and fragmented. The largest block of 25% consists of customers who just didn't want to download an app. For these customers, the benefits of downloading the app need to increase to convert them, eg by adding more stores or simply by better addressing their needs.


Looking at the individual age groups, the picture becomes more specific:

25 to 34 year olds

Above average worries to give personal information (14.3% vs. 6.6%)

Hint: You can use snabble completely anonymous. There's no sign up, no login and no way to enter personal information apart from payment data and customer cards, but you're always free to just not add them.

35 to 44 year olds

Use only regular cash registers above average (15% compared to 10.5%)

45 to 54 year olds

Have above average often no time (17.6% compared to 7.9%), have no desire to download an app now (35.3% compared to 25%) and want to get more information later (23.5% compared to 17.1%)

Overall, the results show that the market and customers are ready to use mobile scan & go technology. Even the customers who didn't use snabble in the first place are almost completely convertible.

Let's work on that.

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