Promotion In The Context Of Scan & Go

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March 30, 2022 at 1:45 PM

Sales promotions are almost as old as retail itself: Special offers, special product packaging, coupons, loyalty discounts and much more. Basically, it is understood to mean all activities of a temporary nature with a promotional character. The aim is to activate market participants in order to increase sales results.

Reasons For Promotions

The reasons for promotions are manifold:

  • Certain products are to be sold faster. Perhaps the expiration date is imminent.
  • To increase the attractiveness of the store in order to encourage more consumers to visit the store
  • Advantages for certain groups, e.g. employees, loyal customers, etc.

Consumer directed promotions

Consumer-directed promotions can be divided into two categories: Price and non-price promotions. Price promotions are, as already mentioned, e.g. coupons or special discounts. These are extremely attractive, especially from a short-term perspective. Non-price promotions are flyers, inserts, displays, samples, competitions, etc. These are primarily used in a long-term context. These are primarily used in a long-term context.

Promotions With Snabble Scan & Go

The way promotions work can be very specific and tailored for each retailer, and can greatly impact the self-scanning shopping experience.

To keep track of all possible variations for our retail partners, we have developed a powerful model that can capture all existing promotions and is extensible for future use cases.

Non-Price Promotions

Inserts or displays can be quickly integrated on the start page of the Scan & Go app. There, customers can be informed immediately about new offers. In extended functionality, these offers and notices can even be played out individually and specifically to customers. Digital in-app inserts are also much clearer for retailers. The number of hits, the length of time customers spend on the site, and many other statistics are available. These are not available with conventional inserts and displays.

Price Promotions

Price promotions are also available when using Scan & Go. As described earlier, these are important for faster sales or increasing usage rates. Whether via physical and digital coupons or by scanning a QR/barcode, price promotions can be activated in the app. These take effect as soon as the respective conditions are met - for example, a certain number of products or a certain shopping cart value from which a promotion takes effect.

Snabble's goal is to always combine the best overall price and the most valuable promotions for the consumer. In the background, the Snabble Self-Checkout Cloud works out the best combinations of promotions to save the customer the most money.

If this is not in the retailer's best interest, a different configuration can be made.


Promotions are an important promotional element in all aspects of brick-and-mortar retail. Scan & Go can take this to a new digitized level and help consumers save money without having to constantly look at all the discount codes. With the Snabble Self-Checkout Cloud, it is even possible to personalize and individualize promotions.

If a company introduces Scan & Go at the point of sale, promotions are an important means of introducing customers to the topic of self-checkout. You can read more about this in our article Shopping Is A Habit.

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