Reta Award 2024: Snabble and Autonomo win together with Tegut...teo in the category "Best Customer Experience"

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February 28, 2024 at 9:05 AM

Every year, the EHI Retail Institute's Retail Technology Awards recognize outstanding retail technology projects in various categories. In 2024, Snabble and Autonomo were recognized as pioneers in innovation and customer experience with the "Best Customer Experience" award.

In 2019, Snabble triumphed together with Ikea in the Omnichannel Solution category. Two years later, the pioneering collaboration with Tegut as part of the 24/7 store concept won the Reta Award for Best Customer Experience. Now Snabble can once again look forward to receiving an award for the implementation of the "Grab & Go" concept.

This uses a combination of artificial intelligence, machine vision and motion and weight sensors to record customers' movements and actions on the sales floor. Thanks to AI-supported automation and integration with Snabble as a checkout system, customers can complete their purchases without any additional effort. Tegut... teo also has a more detailed insight into what is happening in the store and the potential to minimize inventory discrepancies.  

The award for the innovative implementation of the "Grab & Go" concept once again illustrates how advanced solutions can revolutionize the shopping experience. By using state-of-the-art technologies, Tegut... teo not only demonstrates its pioneering role in innovation, but also a deep commitment to continuous improvement and the use of modern solutions to meet the needs of customers. The integration of Snabble and Autonomo underlines Tegut... teo's commitment to creating an outstanding customer experience through innovative technologies to exceed customer expectations.


About Autonomo

Autonomo is a Harvard Prize-winning AI startup founded in Hamburg in 2021 by a former CEO of Metro AG and Harvard alumni. Autonomo is building autonomous technology for retail stores. The company is developing a computer vision SaaS platform to transform brick-and-mortar retail stores into autonomous stores to boost retail profits and increase customer satisfaction.


About Snabble

Founded in 2018 in Bonn, Germany, Snabble is revolutionizing POS software standards through continuous innovation and technological excellence. Snabble's modern POS platform offers retailers an unrivaled user experience and various checkout options that aim to make checkout solutions more flexible, efficient and forward-thinking.


Image: EHI Retail Institute

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