Shopping Around The Clock: tegut... teo With Software From Snabble

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November 5, 2020 at 11:56 AM

Today, Thursday, November 5, 2020, a new store concept opens in Fulda: "tegut... teo". As a retailer, tegut... operates around 290 stores in Hesse, Thuringia, northern Bavaria, Göttingen and Mainz. Since 2013, tegut... has been owned by the Migros Zurich cooperative.

tegut... teo is a self-service store for local supply. Its modular design allows it to be positioned in places where no supermarket has been available before. For example in the middle of residential areas, on company premises or at transportation hubs. Customers can thus shop casually at any time when it best fits into their daily routine.

Image credit: tegut… gute Lebensmittel GmbH & Co. KG

tegut... teo can be open around the clock - even on Sundays and public holidays - and does not require any checkout staff. Shopping and payment can be done easily via app or at a self-checkout kiosk. Both the app and the kiosk use Snabble's Scan & Go technology.

Customers can enter the store by scanning a QR code at the entrance, which is displayed to them in the tegut... teo app. Alternatively, a card reader for debit or credit cards is available to open the door. Afterwards, customers can move freely around the store and leave it again at any time.

Image credit: tegut… gute Lebensmittel GmbH & Co. KG; Björn Friedrich

Shopping And Payment Via App - How It Works

With the tegut... teo App, customers can do their shopping in between at the digital corner store completely by themselves. To do so, customers have to register once in the app and can then add a credit card for payment.

Using the scanner integrated in the app, customers can now scan products themselves by holding the barcode of a product in front of the camera. The app automatically recognizes the product and displays the name of the product and the price directly. Now the product can be added to the app's digital shopping cart. The total price of the purchase is always visible.

As soon as all products have been scanned, the customer can pay directly in the app using his or her stored credit card and leave the store. The receipt is stored digitally in the app, but can also be downloaded, printed out or sent by e-mail.

If a customer does not want to store a credit card in the app, he can still scan his products with the app. However, Snabble offers a way to introduce customers to shopping via the app: In this case, the app's digital shopping cart can be paid for at a self-checkout kiosk using a debit card, credit card, and of course Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Particularly elegant, worldwide unique and hopefully soon also at tegut... teo available: Customers who have scanned with the app and then paid by Girocard at the self-checkout kiosk can have the IBAN of their Girocard transferred to the app. The next purchase can then be paid for in the app simply by secure direct debit (thanks to authorization by PIN during the first payment by Girocard), without the customer having to add a payment procedure manually. Snabble is already using this procedure with other merchants.

Pay At Self-Checkout Kiosk Without App

Of course, you can also shop without an app. Here, too, the software from Snabble is used. The software uses the same cloud platform as the app, so it requires no additional integration of the merchant and offers a similar range of features as the app, but on a much larger screen.

Image credit: tegut… gute Lebensmittel GmbH & Co. KG; Björn Friedrich

Customers can scan their purchase themselves and pay at the card reader - via debit card, credit card and of course Apple Pay and Google Pay. The receipt is printed in the classic way using a receipt printer.

The hardware for the self-checkout kiosk comes from Pan Oston, a company from the Netherlands, with whom Snabble already cooperates at other retailers.

Age Verification For The Sale Of Alcoholic Beverages

A particularly exciting aspect of all store concepts without cashier staff is the topic of age verification, since it is not possible for an employee to check the identity card. For years now, digital retrieval of the ID card number has been considered too insecure, and procedures such as Postident or Videoident are unsuitable and too expensive.

Image credit: tegut… gute Lebensmittel GmbH & Co. KG; Björn Friedrich

With the help of the payment provider Fiserv (formerly First Data) and the card reader manufacturer Feig Electronic, Snabble can also offer an innovative solution here: Age verification via Girocard.

If a customer wants to buy products that require age verification for the first time, the purchase must be paid for at a self-checkout kiosk. The software notifies the customer before payment that he or she must now verify his or her age using Girocard at the card reader. This makes age verification possible in just a few seconds and without any staff.

If the customer has scanned his purchase with the app before, the successful age verification can be stored in the app. In this way, a subsequent purchase can be paid for directly in the app. The necessary protection of minors is guaranteed by the fact that a payment must be enabled in the app via biometrics (fingerprint scanner/Touch ID or face recognition/Face ID of the smartphone). This means that purchases can only be made by the owner of the smartphone, who has also previously used the combination of Girocard and IBAN.

Secure Cigarette Dispensing

The issue of cigarettes is of course also subject to the protection of minors and thus age verification. In addition it comes that the cigarettes are not publicly accessible in the store, but wait in a locked vending machine of the offerer tobaccoland for the expenditure.

For this purpose, Snabble has connected the tobaccoland cloud, which enables both the app and the self-checkout kiosk to control the cigarette machine's dispensing process. Of course, the Snabble software also knows the current stock of the vending machine at all times, so it only offers cigarettes that are available on site.

Image credit: tegut… gute Lebensmittel GmbH & Co. KG; Björn Friedrich

Snabble As A Stand-Alone POS System

Since there are no conventional cash registers in a tegut... teo, Snabble's software is the only and therefore completely independent cash register system. Of course, the software complies with the GoBD and KassenSichV (Kassensicherheitsverordnung) requirements. For the necessary fiscalization, Snabble has connected a cloud TSE of the provider Deutsche Fiskal, a wholly owned subsidiary of GK Software.

Snabble thus delivers a complete Scan & Go software for the mobile self-checkout. The ultra-modern microservice architecture offers, besides the mentioned features like age verification and issueing by vending machines, of course also support for deposit systems, weighing goods and can be easily configured and adapted - according to the retailer's wishes.

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