Snabble Enables Secure In-App-Payment For Knauber, Powering Checkout-Less Shopping

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August 22, 2019 at 11:52 AM

Customers of DIY superstore Knauber can now scan their own purchases and pay directly in the app, without having to wait in in line and without putting their purchase on the belt. This is made possible by snabble, provider of the eponymous market-leading Scan & Go app. This makes Knauber the first German dealer to offer a complete Scan & Go system in all stores.

As a payment partner, Knauber and snabble rely on Fiserv (formerly First Data TeleCash) to offer customers SEPA direct debit in the snabble app. This is an important step for the young German company snabble, which recently announced its cooperation with IKEA. A simple and secure online payment right in the app was the last missing piece to allow customers to complete their purchase completely self-determined. Also, loyalty cards, such as the Knauber customer card, are automatically applied when customers add them in the app.

In order to make it easier for customers to get used to this completely new way of shopping, snabble has also developed a checkout kiosk software. This optional component makes it easy for retailers to guide customers in the store. Customers paying in the app will be asked to confirm their purchases at the kiosk. There, customers just show a QR code that was generated in the app. The software then checks the purchase and decides whether a manual check by an employee is necessary or whether the customer may leave the store directly and without additional control. Both on the display of the kiosk and in the app, the customer then receives a visual confirmation and is encouraged to simply leave the store.

A manual check as well as a re-scanning of the purchase is of course possible at any time with snabble’s checkout supervisor. The software helps retailers understand how many customers are shopping at the store using the snabble app, what they currently have in their cart, and whether they may be buying items that require later manual control, such as alcoholic beverages. Control by the Checkout Supervisor is minimally invasive for customers and is often unnoticed.

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