Snabble announces strategic partnership with Autonomo Technologies

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June 26, 2024 at 8:02 AM

Snabble announces strategic partnership with Autonomo Technologies, a Harvard award-winning deep-tech startup that converts brick and mortar retail stores into autonomous stores.

With combined expertise, Snabble and Autonomo pave the way to the future of Grab & Go and Tap & Go scenarios in brick-and-mortar retail. Tegut... teo stores can now be upgraded with Grab & Go and Tap & Go instead of self-checkout by integrating Snabble's checkout software with ion of Autonomo's computer vision platform to transform brick-and-mortar retail stores into autonomous stores.

  • Integration of Autonomo into Snabble checkout software enables computer vision and AI tracking of articles and customer traffic
  • Tegut... teo can now decide on a location-specific basis whether self-checkout or Grab&Go is the right checkout method for the respective target group
  • AI technology and camera tracking have significantly improved security standards in the store without restricting the customer's shopping experience.

With the recently opened Grab & Go store in Darmstadt, as part of Tegut... teo's innovative 24/7 concept, Snabble has proven that its digital checkout solution is not only efficient and user-friendly, but also enables interface provision with different technologies. The partnership with Autonomo emphasises that Snabble offers not only a checkout solution, but a central interface for innovation in retail. 

AI-powered automation cuts the physical touchpoints in the shopper journey to an absolute minimum, even eliminating the last physical checkout touchpoint - the self-checkout terminal. Meanwhile, the camera technology increases security unnoticed by the customer and noticeably reduces inventory loss. The special feature of this system is the seamless communication between the computer vision and the checkout system, which enables convenient shopping. Snabble manages the shopping basket, fiscalisation, data disposal, automatic initiation of payment and the associated issue of the digital receipt, either via the credit card used for store registration or via the app, which generates an encrypted QR code for billing.

"Snabble stands for flexibility and sustainability in retail. Our POS solution is not only designed to be efficient and user-friendly, but also to connect all retail technologies," explains Sebastian Mancke, Founder & CEO at Snabble. "The partnership and integration with Autonomo is an example of how the Snabble POS platform can easily connect new services."

“Uniting Snabble, Tegut… teo, and our team under one vision has propelled us to remarkable achievements." James Sutherland, Founder & CEO Autonomo.

This groundbreaking cooperation marks a significant step in the development of autonomous shop technologies and shows that Snabble can map all checkout scenarios desired by retailers. Both Snabble and Autonomo are convinced that this partnership will not only fulfil customers' expectations of convenient shopping in a digital world, but also significantly reduce inventory discrepancies through camera technology.


About Autonomo

Autonomo is a Harvard award-winning AI startup founded in Hamburg in 2021 by a former Metro AG CEO and Harvard Graduate. Autonomo build autonomous retail store technology. They develop a Computer Vision SaaS platform to convert brick and mortar retail stores into autonomous stores, to increase retailers profit and increase shopper satisfaction.

About Snabble

Founded in Bonn in 2018, Snabble is revolutionising POS software standards through continuous innovation and technological excellence. Snabble's modern POS platform offers retailers an unrivalled user experience and various checkout options that aim to make checkout solutions more flexible, efficient and future-proof.



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