TeeGschwendner – Tradition Meets Innovation

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August 17, 2021 at 1:22 PM

For over 40 years, TeeGschwendner has stood for the best tea, the highest quality and expert advice. Nationwide in 125 specialty stores and in the online store, tea lovers can explore the fascinating world of tea. The more than 350 loose premium tea varieties range from black, green and white tea to aromatic rooibos or fruit teas and high-quality organic herbal blends. The German market leader in tea retailing places the same high demands on the quality of its tea products as it does on quality assurance from origin to the tea store.

As a family business with a long tradition, TeeGschwendner always has its sights firmly set on the future and knows from experience what a decisive contribution technical innovations can make to improving customer satisfaction and thus to business success. Snabble also works with an eye to the future and has set itself the goal of bringing the best scan & go solution to retailers. Together with the hardware components of Pyramid, Scan & Go can currently be tried and tested in Nuremberg.

Conceptual Approach

Digitalization is changing the retail sector. In some segments, the change is even altering the core business. Not so at TeeGschwendner. TeeGschwendner knows the needs of its customers and creates a symbiosis of digitalization and personal advice on site:

The focus when implementing Snabble Scan & Go at TeeGschwendner was to enable employees to provide more comprehensive customer service and to make shopping even more convenient for customers. Customer service and advice on the wide range of teas on offer is one of TeeGschwendner's most essential strengths. Customers in need of advice receive extensive support from the tea experts, while those who already know exactly what they want can make their purchases particularly quickly and easily via Scan & Go.


The term franchise describes a cooperative distribution system between an existing company (franchisor) and one or more company founders (franchisees). The franchisor grants its cooperation partners the right to use its developed business concept on the basis of a franchise agreement. The TeeGschwendner network is one such franchise system. The franchisees are independent retailers who manage their tea stores on their own. Snabble can work with any type of business structure and distribution system. An integration is offered to each franchisee. They decide whether to use the Scan & Go platform with them.

Scan & Go At TeeGschwendner

TeeGschwendner exploits the full potential of Snabble solutions:

1. Scan & Go Via Snabble-App:

After entering a TeeGschwendner store, which is visible in the multi-retailer app, the Snabble app appears in the retailer's corporate design. Shopping can be started immediately.

Customers scan the items they want to buy using the camera function on their smartphones. The app recognizes the products based on the barcodes. After the scan, the app displays the name, quantity and price of the product. The item can then be placed in the digital shopping cart. The shopping cart provides a constant overview of the purchase volume.

Once all items have been successfully scanned and the shopping cart checked, the items can be paid for in the app. The receipt is made available digitally in the app. If required, it can also be downloaded, printed out or received by e-mail.

2. Scan & Go Via SCO:

The purchase is completed at the SCO by scanning the card independently and paying at the card reader. Payment options include Girocard, credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay and others. The receipt can be requested digitally at the end of the purchase via QR code or printed out in the traditional way. The self-checkout terminals use the same cloud platform as the app. Therefore, no additional effort on the part of the retailer is required for a scan & go integration with Snabble. The user interface is of course adapted to the larger display and can be designed according to the retailer's wishes. Customers can thus scan themselves even without a smartphone.

The hardware installed at TeeGschwendner comes from Pyramid Computers. The manufacturer of computer systems, checkout counters, SCOs and kiosks is a partner of Snabble.

3. Scan & Go Via Snabble-App, Pay At The SCO:

In addition to the payment option via app, the purchase can also be paid at a SCO (self-checkout terminal). The purchase is transferred from the app to the SCO via QR code and can then be paid at the terminal using all common cashless payment methods. Technically, it is already possible for Snabble to transfer the data from a Girocard back into the app. In this way, customers can be converted extremely conveniently for a pure purchase via app without having to type in their account data manually.

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