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No long queues, just innovative self-checkout: benefit from increased sales, higher throughput per checkout and new customer engagement opportunities with Snabble self-checkout solutions.

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Strong, but simple Self-Checkout

Snabble's self-checkout systems are the ideal solution for companies that place high demands on scalability and flexibility. Thanks to multiple award-winning hardware partners, every application scenario can be covered and a solution can be tailored precisely to your requirements.

Seamless Integration

With the Snabble POS platform, our self-checkout solutions can be smoothly integrated into your systems and data can be easily exchanged.

Highly Scalable

Rely on self-checkout systems that are designed to handle high transaction volumes - no matter how many shops your business operates.

Fast Go-Live

After a one-time connection to the POS platform, self-scanning and self-service checkouts can go live in your shops in no time.

Customer-centric & Efficiency-boosting

Self-checkout systems provide an additional service for customers. Snabble's self-checkout solutions are designed to be customer-centric, making it easy for customers to take control of the checkout process and experience a greater sense of autonomy during checkout.

Customer-focused Design

Snabble’s checkout systems are designed for quick loading times and a smooth customer journey. The user interface is intuitive and minimally designed for ease of use - whether mobile self-scanning or SCO.

More Efficient Checkout

Customers can scan items by themselves and pay at the self-checkout terminal or in the mobile app. This makes shopping faster and less complicated. In addition, space can be used more efficiently through self-service checkouts.

Thrilled Customers

Gain valuable data on your customers’ behaviour and increase customer loyalty by offering them personalised recommendations, store-specific discounts and promotions. Strengthen your business with a modern shop image.

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An Asset in any Industry

Self-checkout solutions from Snabble are already being used profitably by numerous companies in a wide range of industries. We work together with award-winning hardware and innovative technology partners.

Can be used in any Industry

Whether in grocery, home improvement or other industries, the Snabble Self-Checkout can be used profitably anywhere in the brick-and-mortar retail sector.

Higher Productivity

With Snabble’s checkout systems, employees can spend less time at the regular checkout and invest more time into more value-added activities.

Multiple application scenarios

Snabble puts your customers first. That’s why, for example, hand scanners can be integrated or the primary checkout system can be included as part of the self-scanning journey.

Customized Self-Checkout

with Snabble SCOs

Powerful software and versatile application szenarios – ideal as a stand-alone solution or also in mixed operation with Scan&Go.

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Self-determined Shopping

with Snabble Scan&Go

Give your customers a faster and more empowered shopping experience with Snabble's Scan&Go solutions.

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Snabble is part of the Self-Checkout Initiative

Joined for Innovation

Snabble is part of the Self-Checkout Initiative of the EHI Retail Institute. The aim of the Self-Checkout Initiative is to provide comprehensive information about stationary self-checkout systems and mobile self-scanning solutions, so that stationary retailers can optimise the systems they use and their usage rates.

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Common Question


What are the advantages and disadvantages of self-checkout?
The advantages of a self-checkout system include
  • A better customer experience, as waiting times are reduced and customers have a more self-determined shopping experience,
  • Increased throughput, as shop space can be used more efficiently,
  • Increased productivity, as staff can perform more value-added activities and
  • reduced maintenance costs compared to conventional checkout systems.
A common issue is the prevention of theft from self-service checkouts. Shoplifting, which generally takes place on the shop floor, can be prevented and combated by software such as the Checkout Supervisor or AI-based monitoring. For purchases with a particularly large number of items, self-checkout can be slower than at stationary checkouts, especially for inexperienced users. From about 13 items upwards, cashiers are faster than customers, but you can use several self-checkouts in your shops instead of a single checkout, which means that, overall, the self-checkouts are usually faster. In addition, customers subjectively perceive shopping to be more efficient even if they actually have to spend more time at the checkout, since they act autonomously instead of passively waiting.
How does Scan and Go work?

Customers scan the barcode of an item either with their own smartphone or with a hand-held scanner provided at the entrance. The products are automatically added to the shopping basket and the purchase can be paid directly on the smartphone or at a self-checkout or with the checkout integration function at the normal checkout.

How is Scan and Go controlled?

There are several ways businesses can protect against shrinkage and theft, including exit barriers, random checks, checks on specified items, AI-based camera support and monitoring software that allows staff to monitor the checkout in real time.

What are the advantages of self-scanning?

Customers can scan and pay for products quickly and easily. They save time when shopping and can view offers directly on their smartphone. Retailers can offer users a more flexible shopping experience and at the same time gain data that can be used to recommend personalised products and improve shop layout. It also opens up new business models, such as 24/7 stores and new ways to design the checkout area, as well as many other benefits.

Is there an option to integrate exit gates?

There are several ways to integrate exit controls into the self-checkout area. For example, you can use an SCO as a gatekeeper, where customers have to confirm their purchase via QR code. You can also use a barrier system. In this case, the receipt, whether physical or digital, is scanned by your customers and verified by Snabble. When the receipt is validated, the exit barriers open.

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