We simplify payment processing in retail. With Snabble mobilePOS, your checkout is wherever you are. The full-featured mobile point-of-sale system allows you to offer customers a fast and mobile payment option wherever they are - especially during the consultation process.

One software, two options

mobilePOS & SoftPOS

Benefits of the mobilePOS

With the Snabble mobilePOS, you always have access to an independent infrastructure that provides an alternative checkout process.


Maximum reliability

Protection against cyberattacks through independent checkout system.



Any number of devices simultaneously in all stores, with little time spent on installation.


No hardware investment

Existing equipment and devices already in the stores can be used.


Complete control

All the sales with a clear journal per employee.


Autonomous secondary system

Independent, modern cash register system, with modern interfaces to ERP systems.



Easily capture items, including support for standard commercial processes.

Use cases

The Snabble mobilePOS software serves many different scenarios.

Fallback POS

As a stand-alone system, the Snabble mobilePOS is ideal as an Fallback POS system. In the event of technical failures, payment terminal infrastructure downtime or even cyber-attacks, the stand-alone system provides peace of mind. The flexible design allows you to use almost any Android device and always deliver a unique experience.

Ensure smooth sales in emergency situations with the help of our software.

mPOS Zahlung

Modern store design

By eliminating the need for a separate checkout area, you can completely rethink the design of your store. At the same time, you gain maximum flexibility - because any employee can collect at any time and any place.

We help you optimize your store layout and the possible implementations of mobilePOS.

Modern Store Layout

Guided shopping tours

With the Snabble mobilePOS, you can offer your customers a personalized shopping experience. An assistant guides the customer through the store and gives advice. At the end, the consultant collects the money on the spot - without interrupting the shopping experience.

Guided Shopping doesn't fit in your stores?

Let us advise you on your possible applications.


Ready for the new Checkout Experience?

One of our experts will develop with you the checkout experience that suits you and your customers best.

Patrick Kruschinski
Lead Customer Advisor