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Hedge against the most common shutdown scenarios in retail thanks to the "shared nothing"-architecture. Protect your operations with the pos system to fall back on.

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System Shutdown Scenarios

The most frequent shutdown scenarios in brick and mortar retail are caused by cyber attacks, disruptions in the payment terminal infrastructure or technical malfunctions. In a shutdown scenario, the failure of the cash register poses a major threat to companies and can have far-reaching negative consequences, which is why safeguarding for such cases is particularly important for companies in stationary retail.


Affected in Brick and Mortar Retail


Higher Loss Amounts in 2023


Potential Loss of Revenue

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Handy in Case of an Emergency

The emergency checkout is up and running within seconds. Information on items, prices etc. is provided via the Snabble POS platform.

Independent & Secure

Independent IT infrastructure: With a completely independent and powerful POS system, you are protected against total failures as it does not share any direct interfaces with your primary POS system.

Protected in an Emergency

Failures and errors in the primary POS system pose a major threat to brick-and-mortar retailers. The emergency fund is an important addition to your protection strategy.

Risk Minimization

Failure scenarios can lead to dissatisfied customers and high sales losses. With the emergency fund, you minimize the negative consequences of such an outage and strengthen the resilience of your company.

An Asset in Everyday Business

The Snabble emergency checkout is also suitable as a secondary checkout system during normal operation to guarantee a smooth shopping experience, e.g. through queue busting.

Highly Scalable

The data from the ERP system is seamlessly transferred to the Snabble POS platform in real time. The platform is designed for very high transaction volumes. All systems are monitored live, and additional capacity can be activated at any time in case of doubt.

No Costly Hardware Investment

Use your existing mobile devices, e.g. Zebra handhelds or smartphones, and simply install the Snabble software on the devices.

Use as mobilePOS

With the emergency checkout, you not only protect yourself against various failure scenarios, but can also use the mobile checkout in regular operation, e.g. to clear long queues.

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Ready to Take Action Within Seconds

In case of an emergency, the Snabble fallback POS is ready for use within seconds. The emergency POS system can be installed on all Android and iOS mobile devices - completely independent of your primary POS system.

Shutdown Scenario Occurs

The payment infrastructure, a system error or cyber attacks lead to a failure. Prices are no longer calculated, customers can no longer pay at the checkout, a mess emerges. With the Snabble fallback POS, you are fully prepared for such an event.

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Start up the Fallback POS

The fallback POS is up and running within seconds. Information on items, prices, etc. is provided via the Snabble POS platform.

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Continue the Operation – Accept Payments

Payments can be accepted swiftly and easily, and customers can continue shopping as usual. Promotions and store-specific prices can be autonomously calculated by the pricing and promotion engine of the Snabble POS platform.

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Fire Extinguisher and Toolbox

On hand in an emergency, an asset in everyday business: The Snabble fallback POS is also suitable as a secondary checkout system during normal operations to guarantee a smooth shopping experience, e.g. through queue busting.

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Fire Extinguisher and Toolbox


The Snabble emergency cash register has all the functions required to maintain regular operations and can also be used as a mobile POS with all the associated functions and benefits.

Data Supply

The seamless integration of the POS platform with your ERP system ensures a regular supply of product and price data - making the data available even in the event of a failure.


To ensure that sales are reported correctly, the corresponding data can be temporarily stored and automatically transferred thanks to the connection to a cloud TSE.


Thanks to an independent payment connection, the emergency checkout is functional even if the payment terminal infrastructure fails. Customers can pay and complete their purchase using all common payment methods.

Physical and Digital Deceipts

With the Fallback POS, receipts can be displayed digitally as a QR code and saved as a PDF file. Customers can simply scan the receipt or have it sent to them by email if they wish.

Independent Data Connection

As the Fallback POS is installed on mobile devices, you can use a data card to establish an Internet connection in an emergency even without access to your WLAN networks.

Android & iOS Compatible

The emergency cash register can be installed on any NFC-enabled smartphone and mobile handheld device.

Flawless Price Calculation

Prices and promotions are always up to date thanks to daily updates of articles and prices as well as an additional intraday supply of delta updates.

Retailer Portal Access

With the connection to the Snabble POS platform, you have access to the powerful Snabble Retailer Portal with transactions, sales, receipt data, daily closings and more.

Common Questions


Which devices are suitable for the fallback POS?

Snabble recommends using the devices already available for logistics and increasing the number of devices if necessary. It is important that the devices are NFC-enabled so that payments can be accepted via a SoftPOS terminal.

Should the same or an independent payment provider be chosen for the fallback POS as for the primary POS?

Only a separate payment provider guarantees that continued operation is possible in the event of a shutdown of the PSP's critical infrastructure. Therefore, it is recommended to select a second payment provider for the fallback POS. Snabble already supports various payment providers.

Is it possible to accept cash as well?

In principle, a simple cash handling process can also be offered with the fallback POS. Since the cash handling processes in the shutdown scenario are not trivial for large volumes, card payments should be preferred.

How can the weighing process take place in an breakdown scenario?

Depending on the conditions in the store, two methods can be offered: Either the customers weigh the items on their own and the fallback POS scans the barcodes generated by the scale, or the employees weigh the items themselves and enter the weight into the mobile cash register.

How often should product information and prices be transferred to the Snabble POS platform?

Snabble recommends at least a daily update of the assortment and all prices. An additional intraday supply of delta updates is a common practice.

How do you ensure that a hacking attack has not transmitted corrupted data to Snabble?

In the event of a targeted cyber attack, it is possible that also the Snabble POS platform could be supplied with manipulated data by hackers. To counteract this, you can request step-back functionality as an additional feature. This allows the data inventory at Snabble to be reset to a desired point of time in the past - in case corrupt data has already been transferred from the merchant systems.

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