TeeGschwendner With First Store In The Snabble App

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May 26, 2021 at 1:13 PM

With TeeGschwendner, Germany's leading tea retailer is now represented in the Snabble app. As the first franchise partner, Björn Götze in Nuremberg has decided to offer his customers the option of Scan-&-Go shopping. In his specialty tea store at Königstraße 45, customers can now use the Snabble app to easily make their tea purchases via smartphone or at the self-checkout terminal. Sebastian Mancke, CEO of Snabble, comments:

 "We are delighted that TeeGschwendner has decided to move forward into the Scan & Go era together with us. The first franchisee is already successfully on board and we look forward to each additional one!" 

TeeGschwendner - For The Love Of Tea

For over 40 years, TeeGschwendner has stood for the best tea, the highest quality and expertise. Tea lovers can explore the fascinating world of tea in 125 specialty stores nationwide and online. The more than 350 loose premium tea varieties range from black, green and white tea to aromatic rooibos or fruit teas and high-quality organic herbal blends. The German market leader in tea retailing sets the same high standards for the quality of its tea products as it does for quality assurance from origin to the tea store.

As a family business with a long tradition, TeeGschwendner always has its sights firmly set on the future and knows from experience what a decisive contribution technical innovations can make to improving customer satisfaction and thus to business success. Snabble also works with an eye to the future and has set itself the goal of bringing the best scan & go solution to the retail trade. We are therefore pleased to announce that Snabble has equipped the first TeeGschwendner specialty store with Scan & Go and self-checkout technology. Together with Pyramid's hardware components, Scan & Go can now be tried and tested in Nuremberg.

The Snabble Experience At TeeGschwendner

At TeeGschwendner, customers can enjoy the complete scan & go experience with Snabble. On the one hand, we offer the option of scanning and paying for items at a stationary self-checkout terminal from Pyramid. On the other, shopping can be done completely autonomously via the Snabble app. When customers enter the store and open the Snabble app, the TeeGschwendner store in Nuremberg is recognized via geofencing and the shopping experience with the smartphone can begin.

The Conceptual Approach At TeeGschwendner

The focus when implementing Snabble at TeeGschwendner was to enable employees to provide more comprehensive customer service and to make shopping even more convenient for customers using Scan & Go. Customer service and advice on the wide range of teas on offer is one of TeeGschwendner's most essential strengths. Customers who need advice can receive extensive support from the tea experts, while those who already know exactly what they want can make their purchases particularly quickly and easily via Scan & Go.

Company Profile Of Pyramid Computer

With the Polytouch® brand kiosk line, Pyramid Computer offers endless possibilities to enhance the customer experience. Sleek, space-saving, elegant and highly modular, Polytouch® kiosk designs are customizable, easy to service and offer maximum flexibility for a wide range of applications. Whether single or double, stand-alone terminal, wall-mounted unit or countertop: The kiosk line meets every requirement. Depending on requirements, the kiosks can be equipped with a chip & pin payment device, 2D scanner, thermal printer, NFC reader and much more, and can also be customized in terms of color.

Founded in 1985, Pyramid Computer is now the world's leading manufacturer of self-service kiosks for the retail & hospitality sector - over 40,000 kiosks have been delivered to well-known global companies such as Burger King, EDEKA, Kohl's, Marks & Spencer, AMC Theatres and many more.

Company profile Of Snabble

Snabble is more than just Scan & Go. The self-checkout technology can be individually integrated in your stores. You can rely entirely on a bring-your-own-device solution or install supporting customized SCOs. Offer your customers an unlimited scan-&-go shopping experience with Snabble. Meanwhile, the Checkout Supervisor guarantees you overview and control over the shopping situation.

Snabble GmbH was founded in 2018. The headquarters are located in the founding city of Bonn. As a leading scan-&-go provider, Snabble's goal is to enable retailers to integrate self-checkout and unite them on one platform.

Image source: TeeGschwendner GmbH

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