tegut… teo - A Concept With Adaptability

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August 10, 2021 at 1:20 PM

tegut… teo

tegut… teo is a small store concept that offers customers the opportunity to make purchases via Scan & Go, as well as stationary self-checkout, on just under 50 square meters. The format offers fruit & vegetables, chilled goods, frozen goods, convenience products, beverages - alcoholic and non-alcoholic, dry goods, and drugstore and hygiene products. In terms of merchandise categories, the coverage corresponds to a full-range retailer and offers the potential for classic weekly shopping and a quick snack for in-between.

The Concept

Conceptually, the focus is on three key points: innovation, commitment and on-site supply. tegut… teo comes to the people and integrates itself into their daily routine. The small stores have what people need in their hectic everyday lives. And they do so around the clock and where they need it:

In residential areas, on company premises, at transport hubs, in public facilities and in city centers. The occasional shopping trip on the way to work, school or during leisure time - without planning and long distances - makes everyday life easier for people.

The tegut… teo stores enliven urban in-between spaces with their socio-cultural and ecological multifunctions. Moreover, they are built in resource-saving modular construction and grow organically with their locations and the habits of the people.

On the ground, people's needs determine teo's local offering.

 "What I need, where I need it, when I need it."

A Natural Fit

The modular design allows tegut… teo to be individually adapted to any location, creating a natural fit. Shortly after the first tegut… teo opened its doors in November 2020, the second teo in Rasdorf was able to shine with an expanded range of its storefront plug-ins (services): A bicycle repair station, a swap library, a seating area for man and his best friend and, brand new, a DHL packing station expanded the concept on the facade. Tegut also discovered that 80% of the till receipts are not taken by the customer when paying at the self-checkout terminals. The consequence and optimization was to offer a digital receipt. In this sustainable way, a large amount of paper can be saved. The digital receipt enjoys a high level of customer acceptance.

The adjustments to the third tegut… teo in downtown Fulda at the Telekom company headquarters (Petersbergerstraße) were made, among other things, to optimize the delivery and storage of goods. More storage space in drawers and the integration of the meat and sausage segment into the walk-in cooler.

Tegut relies on "Made in Germany": A new timber builder in Germany has been engaged for the production of the stores. The length of the micro-store concept will also be adapted in the future in order to become more efficient in logistics and commissioning. In the factory, the four wooden modules are already prepared with shelving parts and electrical wiring in order to ensure a quick start-up at the desired location and to guarantee on-site supply to the customers promptly after delivery. The tegut… teo team is currently working on a record construction time of around two weeks from delivery to opening.

The fifth tegut… teo in Michelsrombach also brings some adjustments / further optimizations, which come from findings of the operational business and customer feedback. The building has a mirrored design, i.e. also the sales area (cold and warm area). Nevertheless, as in the other tegut… teo stores, there is a great clarity of the articles and a feeling of well-being in the room. An e-bike charging station can be found as a new, complementary plug-in, which can be used free of charge at any time. The location is close to the future and new logistics center of tegut…. and thus represents an enrichment and on-site supply for local residents, but also for current employees of the construction site and future tegut… logistics employees. Bicycle tourists cross the new location in Michelsrombach with bike paths that are well-known in the Rhön region, just as they do at the tegut… teo in Bronnzell, which last opened in July. Catering by bike/on the way/on the road is thus assured.

Verena Kindinger, Project Manager tegut… teo gives an outlook into the future of the teo concept:

"It is always exciting to see how we are able to gather more knowledge from teo to teo in order to be able to design the likeable small-space format "tegut… teo", which is still in the ongoing test phase of this project, more sustainably and efficiently for our customers. Every tegut… teo launched so far is therefore unique in terms of its further developments and optimizations in the area of the building and the complete customer journey and other additional services of the plug-ins and within the tegut… teo app. We are following these step by step in the operational business at the various locations. We are therefore grateful to be able to test the tegut… teo concept at different locations.
In the future also at two further locations in Fulda: In the Magdeburgerstrasse (Ochsenwiese), a location within walking and traffic distance, close to the train station, with adjacent residential area and hotels. And also on the area of the hospital in Fulda may settle soon for the local supply for customers, residents and coworkers of the hospital a further tegut… teo - surely also again with optimized features in the baggage.
Furthermore, our goal with tegut… teo is to sustainably satisfy current and future customer needs and to enable fast and intuitive shopping around the clock - To be able to offer a sustainable, emotional and digital on-site supply of good tegut… quality products with tegut… teo is what drives us!"

Verena Kindinger, Project Manager tegut… teo


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