Queue Busters - The checkout queue hunters

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February 6, 2023 at 9:48 AM

Queue busting, also known as line busting, is a customer service strategy that uses technology or additional staff to reduce the amount of time customers spend in line. This can be especially effective in busy retail environments or during peak times like the vacation season. 

Ways to break up checkout lines

There are several ways businesses can avoid queues to improve the customer experience. One way is to use mobile point-of-sale (POS) systems, which allow employees to serve customers from anywhere in the store. This can help reduce bottlenecks at traditional checkouts and make queues more efficient.


Another option is to use self-checkout kiosks, which allow customers to scan and pay for their own items without the need for a cashier. These kiosks are especially useful for smaller transactions or for customers who are in a hurry.


Another effective strategy for avoiding queues is to use additional staff during peak periods. This can include hiring temporary staff or using staffing services to provide extra help when needed. However, among the above options, additional staff comes at a significant additional cost.

Why should long checkout lines be avoided?

  1. Dissatisfied customers: Long waits in checkout lines can lead to dissatisfied customers who may not return or leave negative reviews.

  2. Lost sales: When customers are frustrated because they have to wait a long time, it can cause them to complete their purchase and leave the store instead of waiting. This can lead to lost sales.

  3. Poor image: long waits in the checkout line can contribute to a company's image suffering, especially if they are frequent. Customers may feel that the company is inefficient or doesn't care about customer service.

  4. Wasted time: if customers have to wait in the checkout line for a long time, they feel this is wasted time. They might feel annoyed, stressed, and possibly even lose patience.

In addition to improving the customer experience, overcoming queues techniques can also help businesses increase sales and revenue. By reducing wait times and improving the efficiency of checkout processes, businesses can encourage more customers to buy and reduce the risk of lost revenue due to long lines.


Overall, preventing queues is an important strategy for businesses looking to improve the customer experience and increase efficiency. By using technologies such as mobile POS systems or self-checkout kiosks, companies can effectively manage queues and improve the overall shopping experience for their customers.


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