Flexibility and mobility in brick and mortar retail with mobilePOS

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March 17, 2023 at 9:06 AM

Mobility and flexibility mean variety, connectivity and experience. For retailers, however, this means a radical rethink and requires them to simultaneously address future developments in the industry, the changing needs of customers, and new innovations at the POS (point of sale).

Digital innovation at the POS as an opportunity 

The current situation of the retail sector can be described as a kind of shock paralysis, which, however, also offers an opportunity for creativity and progress. To meet the needs of today's society, retailers should take advantage of the numerous digital opportunities available to them through technological innovation. Zebra Technologies' Retail Shopper Report 2023 clearly shows that change is needed. 

Retail employees play a key role in meeting shopper expectations by acting as the in-store link between the company and the shopper. In addition to technological innovations, many retailers see the recruitment and retention of qualified employees as a major challenge. Both employees (78%) and decision-makers (84%) say that technology can play a critical role in attracting, training and retaining top-quality employees. Despite the enormous pressure to keep up with the ever-changing needs of customers and the numerous opportunities presented by the use of digital solutions at the POS, many retailers are still hesitant to invest in innovative technologies.

Taking action 


Source: Snabble

Technology has a huge impact on retail and offers numerous benefits across the organization. Used correctly, it improves the customer experience and creates positive experiences for employees. Point of sale (POS) innovations also offer decision-makers the opportunity to generate attractive returns. 

Good examples of technological innovations in retail are self-checkout and mobile payment, which allow customers to checkout quickly and conveniently and give employees more time for customer interactions. Solutions such as mobilePOS or self-checkout terminals make POS (point of sale) processes more efficient and faster, while improving both the customer experience and employee satisfaction. More than 80% of employees believe that the use of technology would be beneficial to speed up processes and ensure that customers are satisfied. 

In retail, it is important to use the right solutions in the right places. The number of technical devices that employees can access in their work is constantly increasing. Flexible and mobile devices with the appropriate POS software make processes in stationary retail, e.g. scanning and payment at the checkout, adaptable as well as employee- and customer-friendly. This includes, for example, mobilePOS, which offers customers and employees a mobile, flexible and, above all, uniform shopping experience.

Employees, customers and innovation - mobilePOS as a bridge

A mobile POS system can be used to map the entire sales process, from advice to checkout to receipt. The mobile POS system can be used anywhere in the store and, due to the POS software used, can easily be combined with a conventional cash register as well as with self-checkout terminals. It can also be used as an FallbackPOS, e.g. to protect against cyber attacks.

  • Products can be conveniently added to a shopping cart directly on the mobile device via a search function or via scanning instead of at the checkout.
  • Payment is made by swiping, inserting or tapping a payment card or by digital payment methods. 
  • To make the sales process complete, the receipt can be printed out or made available via QR code. 

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Source: Snabble
For brick-and-mortar retailers, technological developments such as mobilePOS represent an important step in supporting retail employees and increasing customer satisfaction. Once deployed, it is a valuable and practical addition to processes by enabling mobile checkout, queue busting and strategic upselling.


Overall, technology integration represents the future of retail and offers numerous opportunities for businesses to succeed. The best strategy for merchants is to help employees implement and equip them with technology that is profitable in every way. A mobile POS system, like snabble's mobilePOS, bridges the gap between digital innovation and the needs of customers and employees. Retailers can react flexibly and adaptably to external changes, such as changing customer needs or staffing requirements, by using mobile POS systems and thus expand important strategic advantages.

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