Snabble SDK for your own Scan & Go app

Offer Scan & Go to your customers in your own app with our Scan & Go SDK. It supports the full range of features including scanning, product lists, promotions, payment and shops.

The SDK covers all communication with the Snabble cloud and provides you with easy-to-use and customisable UI elements for your app, making it easy to integrate Scan & Go into your app.


Frequently asked questions

How do we get started with the Snabble SDK?

If you are interested in using the Snabble SDK for your own Scan & Go app, you should have a look at our documentation and forward it to your developers. Then you should contact our sales team to get access to an API key. This is needed to communicate with our Self-Checkout Cloud backend.

How long does the integration typically take?

Integrating the Snabble SDK is a breeze. To scan a product and add it to a cart in your own app, it only takes about two to four hours. Depending on the amount of customization, your team won't need much more than a day of work.

Under which license is the SDK available?

Both SDK (iOS and Android) are available under a MIT license. That means you have the permission to use the SDK privately and commercially, modify and distribute it – as long as you include a license and copyright notice.

Do we get updates for the SDK? How?

Snabble comes as Software as a Service product. This means that you will get all updates as soon as they are available, without being charged extra. The best way not to miss an update is to subscribe to our SDK repositories on GitHub, so you'll get notified automatically.

Snabble Android SDK on GitHub

Snabble iOS SDK on GitHub