Avoid inventory differences

Checkout Supervisor

All operations at a glance – always keep track of all activities in your stores and take effective action against theft and shrinkage.

Supervisor Checkout overview
Protection against shrinkage and theft

Your Benefits


Real-time Insights

Keep track of all checkout and self-scanning processes at all times. You always know how many customers are in your store and which items they have in their shopping cart.


Effective Theft Prevention

By using randomised checks as an effective psychological preventive measure, you avoid inventory discrepancies and shrinkage.


Intuitive User Interface

To optimally complement the workflows of your employees, the Checkout Supervisor user interface is designed intuitively.



Use the clear dashboard of the Checkout Supervisor to keep track of all customers in the shop and their activities. Avoid inventory discrepancies by taking preventive action against shrinkage and theft.


Live Monitoring

Thanks to real-time monitoring, you are always informed about everything that is happening in your store. See how many customers are shopping in your store and which items they have in their shopping carts. Particularly control-worthy articles or those that require age verification are labeled and subsequently require interaction by employees.


Control Indication

Based on a combination of different variables, such as the total amount of the shopping cart, items labeled as worthy of special checks, or a statistical check rate, the Checkout Supervisor initiates the check of the shopping cart. Push notifications prompt your employees to re-scan manually.



In the event of a control indication, the purchase must be approved by your employees. Depending on the control indicator, either specific items selected for control are checked or three to five random items are manually scanned by the employees. They can confirm or reject the purchase, whereby further re-scanning is possible at any time.


Age Verification

Items that require age verification are detected by the Checkout Supervisor. If the age has not yet been confirmed by the person making the purchase in the Scan & Go app, either a manual check is triggered or the age is verified via Girocard at an SCO.



Snabble Self-Checkout kiosks (SCO) can be enhanced with integrated camera surveillance that automatically monitors the surroundings and detects when customers fail to scan items.




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